Learn how a Natural Gas Marketer Streamlined Workflows and Logistics with Value Creed’s Guidance

  • 100% Inventory visibility in real-time
  • 85% Reduction In time spent reconciling bulk trade contracts
  • 55% Improvement in plan-to-forecast accuracy

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For a global multi-energy company, our team of experts implemented new functionalities into an existing CTRM software and created custom enhancements to improve business processes, as well as save time and money.
The results:

  • Accurate reporting that is automatically generated each day
  • Built-in logic that accounts for variations in peak volume and other details
  • Dependable forecasting thanks to more reliable information and reporting

Learn more about how Expertise on Demand improved this client’s business processes.

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Reducing Data Analysis Times By 98% Thanks to Value Creed’s Support

A major gas station company wanted to shift their inventory forecasting from spreadsheets to handling the process entirely in their CTRM. With Value Creed’s Expertise On-Demand, the company was able to achieve the following results:

The results:

  • 100% migration from Excel spreadsheets to CTRM inventory forecasting
  • 98% reduction in time spent viewing data in the CTRM
  • 50+ users able to view the inventory data at once

See how we enabled stellar inventory forecasting in the full case study.

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