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Data Smart: Mastering the Data that Matters

How Limited Data-Mobilization Capacity Hurts Your Organization

The data you need is out there, but can you find it, tame it, and put it to use on your CTRM platform in time to respond to market opportunities and threats?

CTRM Data-availability challenges

Anything less than 24/7 data availability puts your energy-trading organization at risk of missing profitable trades, responding to position vulnerabilities, and failing to meet regulatory compliance. Fluctuations in the speed at which data can be generated, moved, and acted upon disrupts operations, limits visibility,and leads to suboptimal performance:

Data Smart™ Solutions for Every Level of Your Business

Data Smart™ desilos your data and places it in the hands of key users, data analysts, and decision-makers. This innovative solution engineers a complete data catalog, transcending data quality issues and optimizing DataOps methodology. 


Use case analyses, transaction histories, and other insights driven by any time, any device, any source access to certified data to inform positions, risk, inventory, revenue, and more.


Built-in accelerators expedite pipeline infrastructure development. Ready-made storage and computational layers slash the time required to establish connections among sources, data lakes, and processing applications


Compartmentalized store and compute functions allow data experts to combine sales and trade figures with insights into the factors that influence these numbers. Endless permutations permit finely tuned forecasting and analysis.

What Data Smart™ Can Do For You

Value Creed’s Data Smart™ managed service puts you in command of your data. Funnel it and combine it in applications and analytic engines to generate insights that drive data-informed decisions.

Our Data Smart™ Promise


Error-free transformation prepares data for automated, rule-compliant activation.


Source-to infrastructure-to target integration in weeks, not months.


Separate functionality cuts data storage costs and directs firepower to analytics

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