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Optimizing End-of-Day Processes for a Global Trading Firm

Performance Enhancement

A leading global trading firm faced significant challenges with their End-of-Day (EOD) processes. The complexities of trading across multiple markets and geographies, coupled with dependencies on various data sources and systems such as Endur, Price Publishing Houses, and SAP, resulted in frequent delays and operational inefficiencies. These delays not only impacted individual EOD closures but also caused cascading delays across multiple entities, leading to increased congestion and manual intervention.



Improved Agility: The solution architecture’s agility score increased by 45%

1.5 hours

Reduced EOD Runtimes: End-of-day runtime delays decreased by 1.5 hours across three geographies


Cost Savings: Cost savings of $250,000 by minimizing manual labor involved in monitoring

A Systematic Approach to Project Success

Optimized EOD Integration: Value Creed suggested an event-driven EOD solution focused on micro-batching EOD activities by market areas, commodities, and book structures. The solution leveraged a common orchestration platform acting as a “TrafficCop” to seamlessly integrate Endur with external systems such as Price Publishing Houses and SAP. Two solution architectures were considered:

API Integration: This involved linking external systems with Endur’s Connex webservice gateway through APIs. API calls from external systems triggered Connex Methods, initiating the required tasks, processes, or workflows within Endur. Process logs were captured, and results were stored in the Endur database, with outputs shared back to the external systems via API connections.

DB Connect: The chosen architecture utilized JDBC connectivity to Endur’s database, allowing the BPO tool to instruct Endur on target jobs to be run. Data updates were pushed periodically or in real-time to Endur’s database, triggering tasks, processes, or workflows. Logs were maintained, and data updates were reflected in the database, with the option to transfer data to external systems.

Capabilities Enhanced: By streamlining EOD processes, the firm unlocked capabilities to leverage risk-as-a-service, valuation-as-a-service, and reconciliation-as-a-service, originating from Endur’s core capabilities. This integration allowed Endur to leverage the capabilities of other systems more effectively, enhancing overall operational efficiency and decision-making.

Integrated EOD Control: After conducting a thorough analysis, the client opted for the DB connect solution due to its cost-effectiveness and suitability for their needs. The capabilities modeled within Endur provided comprehensive control over essential actions during End-of-day (EOD) processes, including running tasks, workflows, scripts, and TPMs, while logging responses. These capabilities ensured that all in-scope activities for EOD were efficiently managed and monitored within the system.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

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Key Takeaways

Value Creed’s expertise enabled the implementation of an event-driven EOD solution, optimizing integration across market areas, commodities, and systems. Interested in streamlining your energy trading operations? Reach out to explore how Value Creed can assist you in leveraging Business Process Orchestration for enhanced efficiency and risk management. Let’s streamline your operations together.

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