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RightAngle is a highly specialized, unified oil Trading CTRM platform supporting front- to back -office workflows, from physical and financial deal captures to risk position reporting, logistics, settlements and accounting. All that capability, however, can strain internal IT resources forcing high-value talent to focus on repetitive, yet critical tasks such as managing EOD reports, installing and testing patches, and addressing daytime performance issues.

With Value Creed as your CTRM partner, IT and cross functional teams alike are empowered to focus on activities and programs designed to drive the most business value rather than mundane tasks.

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RightAngle Upgrades & Implementation Delivered by CTRM Experts

Improving RightAngle Performance, Functionality, and Capabilities

Value Creed’s proven upgrade process ensures a successful RightAngle is defined with specific goals for the upgrade, followed by extensive remediation and user testing for a successful and timely go-live.  Choose our 100% dedicated team focused only on delivering successful RightAngle upgrades or new implementations.  Here are three ways our approach ensures your CTRM upgrade or new implementation is a success:


RightAngle Upgrade

Decades of CTRM expertise and deep platform knowledge ensure clear goal setting, workflow optimization, enhanced reporting, and testing expertise for upgrades delivered on time.

Technology Driven Improvements

Value Creed goes beyond consulting to deliver RightAngle specific solutions like; robotic process automation, BPO, and DevOps.

Customization and Optimization

Our RightAngle managed services and expertise-on-demand deliver roadmaps, workflows, extension integration and more.

No-hassle Upgrades for the Newest Releases

Value Creed’s technical support, guidance, and vendor relations lend invaluable assistance to companies upgrading to the latest RightAngle release. Our experts can train users and customize configurations while relieving limited in-house IT staff of these duties so they can perform higher-leverage tasks.

S15, S16, S17, S17.1, S19, S20 to S21 (or latest version released)

RunSmart™ Managed Services for RightAngle

Efficiently Address RightAngle’s Daytime and Overnight
Management Needs

RunSmart’s unique dual time-zone model of RightAngle monitoring and response has you covered in the event of a reporting or operational breakdown. Dedicated professionals keep tabs on RightAngle overnight, repairing malfunctions and rerunning erroneous reports as necessary. That team hands off responsibility to our daytime experts, extending your IT resources to deal with platform errors, mentor users, generate reports, and more. We integrate cloud-specific services, as well, such as patching, cache cleanup, and SQL query quality management.

Proactive Overnight Monitoring

• Monitor derivative feeds
• Scheduling batch jobs like
   deal renewal, order roll
• Monitor movement tickets
• Valuation events and request
   queue cleanup
• Intraday/EOD/EOM

  • Monitor derivative feeds
  • Scheduling batch jobs like deal renewal, order roll
  • Monitor movement tickets
  • Valuation events and request queue cleanup
  • Intraday/EOD/EOM Monitoring

Reactive Daytime

• Troubleshoot Issues
• Reference Data setup 
• User Training issues
• Inventory reports –
  Inventory Balance and


  • Troubleshoot Issues
  • Reference Data setup
  • User Training issues
  • Inventory reports – Inventory Balance and Change

Cloud Monitoring
& Maintenance

• 24/7 server monitoring
Server security management
• Daily Backups
• Log Cleanup & Monitoring
• Issue resolution


  • 24/7 server monitoring
  • Server security management
  • Daily Backups
  • Log Cleanup & Monitoring
  • Issue resolution
Expertise on Demand

Modern Commodities Trading Requires a Hybrid IT Solution

CIOs must adapt to the modern workplace demand for increased efficiency. With deals being negotiated, transactions commencing, and deliveries being made around the clock, there just are not enough hours in the day to keep RightAngle operating at peak efficiency using only full-time staff.  Value Creed supplies these resources where and when you need them, and you pay only when you take advantage of them, when you know they will deliver maximum return on your investment with high-value services:

Real-life Examples

Practical Examples from RightAngle Users

Value Creed has developed and implemented multiple solutions leveraging streamlined processes to close gaps and accelerate month-end and reconciliation bottlenecks experienced by back-, front- and middle office RightAngle users.
Specific Services  

Value Creed BPO Simplifies Account-Closing

Whether end-of-day, end-of-month, or end-of-quarter, closing and reconciling accounts and generating aggregate reports can stress even the ablest and well-staffed organizations. Value Creed’s business process outsourcing service (BPO) multiplies your bandwidth and RightAngle functionality to streamline the creation of end-of-period reports, summaries, positions, and schedules to ease forecasting and next-period strategy.

DevOps for RightAngle Streamline the Implementation Trajectory

Value Creed builds and maintains cross-functional relationships that improve the speed and quality of data interfaces, testing, and iteration through a variety of workflows:

Eliminate Errors and Monotony with Robotic Process Automation

Value Creed’s robotic process automation erases human errors associated with fatigue, boredom, and manual data entry. CTRM firms can make faster decisions because data gets recorded and calculated instantly into pricing, leasing, volume, reconciliation, and validation workflows.

Front Office

Update commodity pricing

Update lease terms

Middle Office

Highlight optimal hedging opportunities

Upload logistics tickets

Data reconciliation between RightAngle and terminal data

Back Office

Validate counterparty statements

Reconciling actualization and payment

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