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Value Creed’s Endur Upgrade Assessment Empowers Midstream Company

Performance Enhancement

A prominent energy midstream company operating in Western Canada, faced the challenge of upgrading their Endur system from an unsupported version v17 to v23, necessitating a thorough assessment to determine the complexity, cost, and feasibility of the upgrade. They needed to categorize the upgrade project into either homogeneous or heterogeneous, assess the total cost of ownership for different Endur versions, review technical aspects such as code, configuration, and dependencies, identify the scope of impact and incongruences between v17 and v23 solutions, and evaluate platform engineering and infrastructure requirements. Additionally, they sought to establish a robust quality assurance framework for testing the upgraded Endur system.



Execution Certainty

Increase in certainty on scope, cost, schedule, and risks.


Cost Reduction

Reduced total cost to deliver based on optimization recommendations


Early Risk Detection

Identified risks due to disparities in critical solutions between v17 and v23 Endur


Cloud Cost Reduction

Reduced costs by leveraging shared tenants, cost optimization measures and FinOps practices

A Systematic Approach to Project Success

Value Creed’s comprehensive Endur Upgrade Advisory program addressed the client’s challenges through a strategic approach, incorporating key insights throughout:

Capability, Process & Implementation Mapping: A thorough assessment of capabilities, processes, and implementation requirements is crucial for effective project planning and decision-making. By developing solution blueprints across business verticals and engaging key stakeholders, Value Creed ensured a thorough understanding of requirements, fostering collaboration and alignment.

Conduct Version Selection Advisory: Careful consideration of Endur version selection based on business needs and risk assessment is paramount for maximizing the value and success of the upgrade. Through meticulous analysis considering risk appetite and solution architecture fitment, Value Creed facilitated strategic Endur version selection, maximizing the value of the upgrade.

Planning of Upgrade Project: Early detection and mitigation of risks are essential for minimizing disruptions and ensuring smooth project execution. Value Creed coordinated with ION, planned capacity, allocated resources, and managed risks, laying a robust foundation for a successful upgrade while ensuring efficient resource utilization.

Organizational Change Management: Identifying key stakeholders and devising effective communication strategies, Value Creed facilitated smooth transition and adoption of the upgraded Endur system, fostering stakeholder engagement and alignment.

Proactive Risk Identification: Early identification of potential pathways and risks was key to minimizing disruptions and ensuring seamless transitions. We identified 16+ risks including API depreciation, custom code conflicts, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Cost Optimization: With our experience in tackling issues and risk patterns in past Endur upgrades, we offered various insights and guidance. This approach not only facilitated optimal resource utilization but also enabled effective budget management, leading to successful project outcomes.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:


Our Advisory services not only will help you guide your operations but also help you achieve your vision by taking all stakeholders into consideration. Our highly experienced team has combined full lifecycle, functional and technical expertise to deliver frameworks and guidance around building reliable and scalable commodity trading businesses.  

Upgrade Services

Our team is made up of industry-leading CTRM experts who help you model new business requirements to ensure a future-proof setup. We empower you to customize and enhance performance. Our primary focus is to optimize functionality across the board, aligning with market demands through a holistic solution.

Key Takeaways

Value Creed offers unparalleled expertise in upgrades, providing meticulous planning, substantial cost savings, early risk detection, stakeholder engagement, and cloud cost optimization. With a track record of success, we ensure seamless transitions, aligning Endur versions with business needs and mitigating potential disruptions. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction makes us the ideal partner for companies seeking efficient, cost-effective, and reliable upgrade solutions.

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