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Value Creed CTRM Cloud Services

Cloud hosting brings greater agility and efficiency to your CTRM platform. However, migrating, upgrading, and managing your cloud-based CTRM requires deep expertise in order to facilitate the transition process.

Value Creed offers three distinct services to ensure your CTRM cloud hosting experience runs and maintains smoothly, creating a continuity of service unparalleled in the commodity trading sector.

#1: On-Premise To Cloud Migration

Moving your existing CTRM software to the cloud brings several key advantages over remaining on-premise:


Faster Deployments

Bug fixes and new functionalities are provided automatically by Value Creed’s experts.

Less IT Resources Demand

Your in-house teams no longer have to allocate resources to on-premise CTRM management.

Low Implementation Costs

Value Creed’s experienced consultants work effectively with every budget and platform for efficient implementations.

Savings On Licensing Fees

No third-party software, hardware, or upfront licensing fees are required to move your CTRM to the cloud.

Best of all, moving your existing on-premise CTRM to the cloud future-proofs your business, building an infrastructure for faster, cost-effective upgrades no matter what comes next.

#2: Upgrade Your CTRM Through Cloud Deployment

If your current CTRM is outdated or in need of an upgrade, Value Creed’s expert consultants can perform an upgrade as part of a cloud migration project.

Key Takeaway

Following a CTRM + cloud upgrade, your business unlocks new capabilities to:


#3: Cloud Hosting Monitoring & Managed Services

Moving your CTRM platform to the cloud requires CTRM/ETRM specific expertise. Once in the cloud or hybrid cloud – managing the platform long term can be a burden.

With our Cloud managed services , CTRM platforms perform at a 99% uptime, delivering reliability for your team and lower overall cost of ownership over the long-term. (Cloud managed service)

See how Managed Services works with our comprehensive cloud offerings in the detailed video below:

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CTRM Upgrade & Cloud Migration For A Major Utility Company

When a pioneering gas and electric utility company began to upgrade their CTRM, they quickly faced several challenges: outdated systems, slow performance, and extensive complex customizations. With Value Creed’s support, the company was able to achieve a 60% reduction in long-term infrastructure costs and more.

Case Study: Cloud Managed Services

60% reduction in long-term infrastructure costs

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