LearnSmart Consultant’s Journey to Career Heights at Value Creed

Value Creed Wants You to Achieve Your Full Potential

Much of Value Creed’s success and stellar reputation in the commodities industry stems from the way it trains, treats, and mobilizes its team members. As the company achieves and grows, so too do the people responsible for its accomplishments. We have mapped out a plan to reward, recognize, and expand our consultants’ responsibilities as their careers progress.

Well-defined Roles

Categorizing consultants’ positions within the company serves several purposes in allocating skill sets and enabling rapid career development.



Because Value Creed thrives on individual growth, it sets succinct performance parameters at each level along the consultant journey. This creates milestones  team members can focus on to reach the next level.


Every person at Value Creed knows their duties, based on their progression through the consultant journey. Their title, compensation, and assigned duties all correspond to their placement and motivate them to achieve the next level.

Career Path

Value Creed does not foster a pressure-filled “up-or-out” organization. Role progression is not competitive but provides a formal system for helping team members identify their areas of interest and skill and how they may best help the company satisfy client needs.

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Open Doors and Open Minds

Some of our best ideas come from our employees. Management’s door is always open, and we encourage you to make your voice heard with observations and suggestions for improving our software and data solutions.

Categories of Excellence

At Value Creed, consultants progress through levels of responsibility, compensation, and client engagement based on their performance in five categories, with rising expectations as members reach each successive level.

Management Executive Positions

Successful completion of Level 4 positions team members to assume company leadership responsibilities. Level 5 employees will be slotted into either sales or delivery positions, according to their abilities, interests, and company priorities. Each assignment carries distinct key performance indicators:

Sales - Ensures Value Creed maintains profitability

Delivery - Ensures Vale Creed remains the best at what it does

Value Creed’s proven method for developing consultants’ talent and abilities creates an innovative, collaborative work environment where everyone can succeed. If you are interested in working for a progressive company leading a cutting-edge industry, check out Value Creed’s job openings. 

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