Commodity Trading, Supply, and Marketing Business Process Design and Optimization


Building Efficiency, Scalability, Flexibility into Business Processes

Change is the only constant for commodity trading enterprises and the businesses that support them. Companies must evolve and optimize in order to thrive. To succeed, energy- and commodity-related organizations must constantly adapt – shifting strategies, acquiring and divesting, vertically and horizontally integrating, maturing business processes, streamlining workflow, and scaling activities to remain competitive.

Within this dynamic landscape, CBOL™ serves as a guiding framework that enables us to evaluate each company’s position in its journey and gain valuable insights into their operations, empowering us to implement strategic adjustments to our approach,  informed by this understanding. By using the CBOL™ framework, we ensure that we adapt and optimize your business processes effectively, staying competitive and aligned with the evolving goals throughout the entire commodity trading journey.

Rapidly Shifting Market Dynamics Presents Unique Challenges

Relying on disparate business processes can put you at a disadvantage as competitors adopt more sophisticated technologies and streamlined operations. Commodities industry players must redesign and optimize their processes to address a variety of issues:


 Ensuring consistency, compliance, efficiency, accountability, risk mitigation, and overall improvement in business processes


Automating, and securing data functions  to reduce errors and vulnerability


Mapping structural and task dependencies to mitigate waste

Lack of

Real-time reporting and full disclosure of positions, inventory, forecasts, assets, etc. 


Value Creed Customizes CTRM Attributes and Functionality

Value Creed leverages its profound technical and functional expertise to enhance your business processes. After gaining a comprehensive understanding of your company and meticulously analyzing your operations, we employ an inventory of process flows based on industry prevailing practices. With this invaluable insight and our industry-centric process inventory, we tailor our services to perfection.

Our approach is centered around a set of best practices that are aligned with our insights into the relationships among front, middle, and back office functions. Utilizing these insights, we identify which processes have the highest impact on your business and skillfully adjust the industry prevailing processes to align them with your future state vision, ensuring a seamless and efficient transformation.

The Value Creed Approach

Align Business Process Design with Expected Outcomes

Partnering with Value Creed to perform your business process design and optimization tasks gives you a structured approach to current state performance and future state competitive advantage. Tailoring operational flow to your niche will continue to deliver efficiency and profitability dividends over the long term.

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