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Seamless Oracle to SQL Database Conversion and Cloud Migration

Moving to the Cloud? SQL Advantages

Timely data and flexible pay and scale on-demand databases are in demand to serve modern CTRM database management needs. In fact, Forbes has determined that by 2025 more than 80 percent of companies will employ cloud-based commodity trading software to optimize and expedite their workflows. In addition, Azure Cloud users take advantage of purpose-built platform integrations and responsive customer support from Microsoft.


Of CTRM Platforms will be
Cloud-Based by 2025

More Power; More Storage; Lower Cost

The cloud solves the storage problem, but energy and commodities traders often receive a nasty sticker shock when they decide to move their Oracle database from on-premises deployment to the cloud as part of their CTRM upgrade process. For many, Oracle cloud deployment is cost-prohibitive, with a unit license costing as much as $60,000. SQL delivers cloud-based processing power at about $10,000 with RTB fees of around $5,000 – a third of Oracle’s rate.

Oracle Database Hosting Cost
$60,000 + for Oracle cloud hosting

SQL Database Hosting Cost
$10,000 – $15,000 for the same hosting capacity, and
deployed in the Azure Cloud

The licensing fee for Oracle cloud deployment increases exponentially, leading many to make a clean break and switch to the SQL server as part of their digital transformation to Azure Cloud. This creates value in several ways:

Here’s what that looks like in the CTRM sphere

Value Creed’s Oracle-to-SQL Service Drives a Major Utility Company’s Digital Transformation

Powerful Outcomes

  • 60% reduction in long-term infrastructure costs
  • 99% User Acceptance Test pass rate
  • 2 hour settlement run times reduced to just twenty minutes.
All this, in 11 short months.

Data Conversion and Cloud Migration Challenges

Naturally, Oracle makes switching out of its relational database management system (RDBMS) as complicated as possible. Only an experienced conversion and migration consultant should be entrusted to handle these intricate and nuanced tasks:

Data Normalization is Hard

Transforming the unique method Oracle uses to record, format, and store data in unique packages, codes, arrays, and tables to Azure SQL standards.

Testing & Affirming Data Integrity is Time Consuming

Testing and iteration of conversion and migration tasks to ensure perfect compatibility and data integrity before phased or wholesale transfer can be implemented.

Aligning Data Structure with Business Process is a Must

Configuration of table, column, row, and cell relationships based on the client’s business requirements to make indexing and querying as efficient as possible.

Value Creed: Your Trusted SQL Database Conversion and Cloud Migration Partner

Engaging with Value Creed gives commodity management software users a partner that is experienced in both upgrades and cloud management to ensure quick implementation and full realization of benefits of their digital transformation:

Progressive Timeline

On-Budget Deployment

Testing & Extension Integration

Efficient Resource Allocation

Risk Mitigation

Leave Cloud Hosting and Monitoring to the Pros

Value Creed’s Run Smart™ CTRM Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance ensures your instance is up and running with a 99% uptime guarantee and more.

Top Energy Companies Rely on Value Creed

Value Creed’s Oracle to SQL Cloud Migration Process

With decades of expertise in CTRM/ETRM platforms, Value Creed’s team of functional and technical experts define a migration roadmap inclusive of business processes, workflows, data format requirements, integrations, extensions and destination data format requirements.  This thorough approach ensures shorter testing cycles and seamless migration from on-premise data stores to cloud-based data stores.  Rely on Value Creed’s proven cloud migration approach founded on continuous improvement.

Value Creed Cloud Migration Process

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