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Trading Risk Management Services


Complex Regulations, Market Volatility Require Diligent Management

Utilities, traders, suppliers, and marketers need effective trading risk management protocols tailored to the commodities they trade, their strategic objectives, their role in the supply chain, and the regulatory environment in which they operate. Identifying, evaluating, and controlling the risks in these volatile markets while gaining a deep understanding of each company’s unique position is essential for long-term success. CBOL™ serves as a comprehensive framework that facilitates an in depth understanding of a company’s current standing and long term vision in the commodity markets.  This, in turn, empowers us to streamline risk operations, governance and make informed decisions which ultimately enhances the overall market performance for the company.


Trading Risk Management Collaboration Model

Value Creed’s business analysts and risk experts collaborate with clients to create and implement comprehensive risk policies that formalize management, governance, compliance, limits, and workflow. The result is structured procedures for tracking market and credit risk. This process enables clients to correctly prescribe data rules and controls in the endpoint CTRM system while ensuring day-to-day activities are within the bounds of risk tolerance and compliance requirements.



Functional and Platform Experience Combined with Best Practices

Value Creed’s team defines risk management reports using client trading data to uncover insights that dictate appropriate controls and governance. We consider every aspect of the enterprise, establishing risk committees to oversee and enforce risk policies. Value Creed then designs and builds processes around this governance to codify company policy.

Trading Risk Management Policy and Controls Definition Process


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