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Managed Services: Meeting The Challenges In Endur

Reduce IT Costs with Value Creed's Managed Services

Because Endur is so critical, CIOs and IT teams are forced to dedicate high-value staff resources to routine tasks like monitoring platform health through service manager and ensuring end-of-day reports such as MtM/P&L (RPnL, UPnL), risk reports, remit & non-remit reports, etc run successfully. This reality led Value Creed to create a new model for Endur managed services called Run Smart™. 

Endur User Challenges

The below mentioned Endur challenges leave IT departments and the users they support in a lurch due to the inherent complexity of it’s architecture, customizations and services. Often, issues require both technical and functional understanding, which can’t be resolved overnight due to complexity of the issues. This can delay critical reports such as risk exposure reports, SOX audit report, etc and cause employee frustration, lower engagement level due to burnout, and result in costly resolution with internal resources on resolving critical-yet-routine issues like Instrument Fixing, Future cascading, blob-size failures during batch simulations and synapse batch runs while supporting the platform around the clock. This fact creates three distinct challenges for IT teams and business users:

Difficulty of Overnight Error Resolution

Sub Optimized In-house Resources

Risk of Inaccurate Data

Explore Solutions for Endur Managed Services

Choose Value Creed’s Run Smart managed services to administer your processes such as EOD, Batch Simulations using Trade Process Management (TPM) with highly configurable scripts that triggers various workflows & generates failure alerts for APM (Active Position Manager), FAME Price Validations, etc within the system. 

Companies can benefit from three distinct services to enhance their daily business processes and technical readiness:

Value Creed's Approach to Managed Services

Our approach to Endur Managed Services gives you flexibility as your needs change. With meaningful, attainable, and measurable goals, managed services improves your ROI through the right analytics and optimization.

Run Smart SLA Promise

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