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LearnSmart Client Training Program

Training Approach

Built upon the LearnSmart Training framework, our approach focuses on fostering proficiency by harnessing productivity and placing resources at the center of the learning experience.

Considers participant background, skill levels, and learning preferences​

  • Training is designed to accommodate different learning styles
  • Fostering an inclusive and collaborative learning environment

Interactive & relevant content to enhance engagement and learning outcomes

  • Building a common understanding across participants 
  • Encouraging participants to share experiences and insights
  • Facilitating peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchanges

Emphasize on practical application through real-world use cases​

  • Enabling participants to apply knowledge and skills in a practical setting.
  • Reinforcing learning through practical examples and hands-on exercises, and simulations

Continuous evaluation and measuring progress towards objectives ​

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training program & adjust based on feedback & needs
  • Implement a comprehensive evaluation process to measure participant knowledge 
  • Post-training support, resources to reinforce learning

Training Program Outline

Our featured LearnSmart training program is a comprehensive 6-week program that begins with a solid foundation in the initial weeks and then branches out into two tracks, functional and technical. Throughout the program, we conduct continuous assessments and evaluations to gauge progress and the effectiveness of the program. Our aim is to equip resources with a comprehensive understanding of the business to deliver exceptional results and create a seamless working experience.

Measuring Effectiveness​

Leverage our industry recognized LearnSmart Training Program’s foundation and proven processes  to accelerate learning and retention.

Success Measurement

Knowledge Retention & Support

Resources & Expertise

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