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Midstream CIO’s and IT leaders are seeking new ways to reduce costs, drive business value, streamline repetitive tasks and deliver on business initiatives. These goals are unreachable without taking a new approach to run-operate support. RightAngle is business critical, so platform monitoring is often left to in-house IT resources. But keeping the application up and running is a tedious, low-value task requiring around-the-clock vigilance. With Run Smart™ from Value Creed, Midstream organizations can refocus IT resources on high-value tasks aligned with business unit goals.

Round-The-Clock Monitoring
& Managed Services for RightAngle

You turned to RightAngle software for its robust trading and risk functionality. You should demand that same rigorous approach to monitoring and rectifying overnight reporting errors. Fortunately, with Value Creed’s dual time zone approach, our expert technical crews have you covered:

Run Smart Solves Common Challenges that RightAngle Users Face

Novel Model for Business-day and EOD-Overnight Monitoring and Support

Oil refiners, distributors, analysts, schedulers, accountants, and traders face a multitude of problems when they cannot validate, reconcile, and integrate their reports. They may be able to rerun the compromised reports but even this best-case scenario will cost money, time, and other company resources.

More complex calculations and reporting errors require manual intervention. With Value Creed as a dedicated partner, your IT staff will be spared endless remediation work, freeing them for more valuable duties. Value Creed’s RightAngle team handles interventions across multiple domains, cross-checking databases, verifying price sources, calculating mark-to-market positions, and managing RightAngle’s reconciliation of trading, pricing, exposure, and valuations.

RightAngle Users Rely on Run Smart
for Business Needs

Challenge #1

Critical EOD calculations do not run correctly

Run Smart Solves

Proactive monitoring of malfunctions and substandard performance

Challenge #2

Overnight issues are not identified or resolved until the next business day

Run Smart Solves

Teams work around the clock so we can tackle issues as they occur

Challenge #3

On-staff experts must stop working on new projects to address low-value, but urgent run-time issues like scheduling reports not running

Run Smart Solves

Deep-dive investigation of daytime and EOD process errors led by RightAngle experts

Challenge #4

IT support resources are limited in their capacity and management consultants often require large retainers

Run Smart Solves

Flexible managed service engagements enable you to address specialized needs like scheduling optimization, testing and integration.

Challenge #5

Too much time is spent on addressing operational issues, rather than investing in corporate initiatives

Run Smart Solves

Coordinated business users and IT goals that align strategy and maximize productivity

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Enterprise Proven RightAngle Insights &
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Our RightAngle experts apply 20+ years of experience. They apply runtime knowledge and deploy these insights as operational best practices honed by managing some of the platform’s largest installs.

Application Monitoring

US-based and offshore technical teams provide round-the-clock monitoring to ensure EOD reporting accuracy for valuations, settlements, P&L, Mark-to-Market, trading, scheduling, and accounting functions.

Daytime Support &

We seamlessly align with your team to handle workday support issues to ensure RightAngle runs smoothly for every user. This frees up valuable IT resources for more strategic activities.

Capacity for
Special Projects

Business needs drive IT resource allocation. Leverage our team for those times when you need additional capacity and RightAngle expertise. Realize business value achievement faster with our experts who intimately know your platform.

Ways Our RightAngle Support Drives Value

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