Enhancing Endur ETRM Performance: A Value Creed Success Story

Performance Enhancement

A Midstream producer sought to enhance the performance of their Endur ETRM system. Their primary goal was to streamline the Order to Cash Process, reducing turnaround times, and ensuring efficient operations across deal lifecycle stages, scheduling, and accounting interfaces.

While the client’s Endur ETRM landscape exhibited robust functionality, there were opportunities for improvement, particularly during peak periods like month ends and times of high utilization with numerous user logins. Moreover, the system experienced some challenges in managing increased interfacing throughput, which affected overall operational effectiveness. To address these opportunities, Value Creed proposed leveraging performance engineering principles to systematically optimize the application-level performance metrics of the Endur ETRM system, aligning it more closely with the client’s evolving needs.



Production Outage Reduction

3 Months

Month-End Stability Achievement


Database Peak Load Reduction


Remediation of Month-End Critical Path

A Systematic Approach to Project Success

Operational Impacts: Client business teams encountered Database deadlocks and system slowness during peak usage, including high user logins, led to severe delays in the Order to Cash Process, potentially impacting revenue by $1.5 million monthly.

Two-Phased Approach: Value Creed’s Performance Engineering program for the client followed a two-phased approach: Assessment and Implementation.

Assessment Phase: Workshops were conducted with business teams and SMEs for a comprehensive understanding of processes, pain points, and technical challenges. Critical paths were identified, and Product Backlogs (PBIs) were created to address performance issues and outline strategic improvements.

Implementation Phase: Prioritized PBIs were based on criticality and business value, emphasizing two types: Enabler PBIs for implementing instrumentation with Azure Application Insights, and Performance fix PBIs addressing critical paths within the system.

Azure Application Insights: Facilitated performance tracking with application dashboards, availability view, alerts, logs, and user/session/event tracking.

Performance Enhancements: included code and SQL optimizations, business process improvements, and technical changes.

Post-implementation: Improvements were measured using Azure Dashboards against application logs, ensuring tangible performance gains.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Expertise on Demand

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Key Takeaways

Value Creed ensures a holistic approach to performance challenges with meticulous assessment and implementation phases. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Azure Application Insights, Value Creed delivers measurable enhancements, yielding tangible results, ensuring seamless operations, and maximizing revenue potential. Choosing Value Creed guarantees a comprehensive strategy addressing performance hurdles in Endur ETRM systems.

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