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Value Creed fosters an ideal workplace that introduces healthy workplace policies and promotes a fit lifestyle by encouraging participation in sports activities. With our team having a lot of cricket enthusiasts, it was an ideal opportunity to encourage the sportive spirit. It also gave everyone new insights into camaraderie, equal opportunity, collaboration, team-building, and respect.

Open your Horizons, Extra Wide

Value Creed’s cricket team started as a box match, now our team plays league matches with other independent teams and is getting ready for corporate tournaments. With Major Cricket League starting next year in North Texas we are looking forward to building a strong US team with our US employees. 

We believe in cultivating a sense of bonding both professionally and personally. Now it is not just a sport anymore but is an emotion for us at Value Creed. 

 Recently we had “VC Jersey Reveal” at our Hyderabad office, where we unveiled VC-branded jerseys. It was a proud moment not just for the team but for our whole Value Creed team. We take pride in cheering for our cricket team and the moment our cricket team paraded into the office they were cheered in high spirits. 

It's time for VCians

In cricket, it is the process you adopt that decides what your end result turns out to be. At Value Creed, we always focus on the journey and not the target. So, we are looking at positive future prospects cultivating a sense of integrity in the workplace with our employees having a healthier and balanced journey.

United, we play, United, we bond, United, we win!

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Marching towards 2023, Value Creed continues to proudly expand its horizons as a part of the hypergrowth series. With the motto of “Keep Learning”, “Keep Growing”, and “Keep experimenting” Value Creed is happy to announce its collaboration with School of Petroleum Management – Pandit Deendayal Energy University under the LearnSmart Internship Program.

Value Creed has always actively focused on delivering high-end training to empower the youth and open doors for students to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment bridging the gap between the transition from college to work ecosystems by making them industry and future-ready.

Key Highlights of the Collaboration

This collaboration paves the way for 360-degree development for the students wherein students can benefit from industry standpoint. Internships under LearnSmart Career Accelerator Program, allowing them to receive best-in-class instruction and work on industry live projects under executive mentorship and knowledge of various market-leading commodity trading and risk management platforms. 

The MoU exchange took place between Nitesh Raj, Managing Director Value Creed and Dr. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya, Director SPM-PDEU alongside Dr. Tanushri Banerjee, Dean SPM-PDEU at HR Conclave- SAMAVESH 7.0 – a platform for exchanging ideas between the corporate leaders and future managers hosted by SPM-PDEU . Nitesh Raj was also the key note speaker at the event and has shared his insights into the transition of hiring and human resource as whole.

This collaboration will help students in equipping with various entrepreneurial competencies and we believe that it will encourage greater flexibility for the university and allow students to have a better edge in the fast-growing energy sector.

Ready To Take Your Career To The Next Level?

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A Step into the Virtual World

Value Creed is always focused on creating a fun and collaborative work environment where employees can work through challenges, build connections, and foster teamwork. Our newest addition to this is the brand new gaming zone – an immersive environment that seamlessly blends the digital with the physical world of fun.

Powered by Virtual Reality and delivered through Oculus VR, it is another step towards being future-ready that lets our team experience the ultimate gaming experience. We have always been a step ahead in giving our team the best experience and with Metaverse creating major buzz we did not want to miss an opportunity of creating the perfect three-dimensional platform for our team to immerse themselves in fun.

Play Video

Our team can also de-stress themselves on a daily basis at our breakroom playing on the gaming console to relax, have fun and enjoy the workplace. Friendly multiplayer matches can elevate the employee experience by shaking up team dynamics and starting conversations.

We believe that the most productive workplace has balanced work and play with opportunities for active breaks. We facilitate everything that focuses on the overall well-being of our employees and finally 



Celebration of Happiness and Prosperity with Value Creed

It’s time again for celebrations at Value Creed. We work on creating the best workplace atmosphere and celebrating important occasions with our team gives us immense joy and pleasure. Diwali, the festival of lights marks hope, joy, and a positive spirit to commence new beginnings.

Our office decorations were super chic and the decorative lights were everything we needed to bring up the festive vibe at the workplace. Our team enjoyed dressing up in traditional attires and indulging themselves in chatpati chaat. Sweets were also distributed to our team members and their families as an expression of gratitude.

This year prosperity has a whole new meaning at Value Creed. It means a renewed connection with ourselves and our team. A true appreciation to everyone and time for us to celebrate the inevitable end of another year with each other looking forward to many opportunities.

Glimpse of our Diwali Celebrations

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and sincere thanks for all your hard work and contribution towards the growth of Value Creed. Another year for all of us to grow together and touch new heights of success. I wish good health, happiness and prosperity for you and your loved ones.Happy Diwali!

Value Creed Celebrates Client Success in Goa, India

Time for Workcation

Value Creed has a solid foundation for employee engagement, continuous employee development, and keeping our employees engaged and interested in our cause to fundamentally change the way CTRM consulting is done. We never miss out on celebrating our collective accomplishments and always promote a fun work environment.

The company culture was always focused on advocating appreciation for its employees at different aspects of their career. Our India team’s recent trip to Goa to celebrate the successful go-live of a CTRM project for one of our flagship customers was not just a celebratory trip but a stepping stone towards developing a success mindset.

Celebrations are ON

The excitement began from the start of the journey to Goa where the whole ride was filled with fun games, music, dance, and breathtaking scenery along the way where everyone stepped out of their comfort zones, all ready for new adventures and relaxation.

Our team visited Calangute beach also called as Queen of beaches enjoying the high tides and higher spirits. The team had the most memorable time strolling and shopping through local Goan souvenir shops, exploring shacks on the beach, frolicking on the beach, getting local braids, swimming in the waves to finally watching a mesmerizing sunset and dancing till the end. The whole team missed no opportunity to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

We wanted to create an unforgettable experience for our employees and therefore this trip was planned with the best efforts. The whole experience reflected the strong bonds among all the employees, care, and support towards each other. Indeed the break they deserved.



Where Sea, Sand & We Meet

We have always advocated for the perfect work-life balance and the importance of overall well-being to all our team members. The trip has given the opportunity to bond beyond professional boundaries and recognize what is working well and why. Acknowledging actions that drive success stories always draws inspiration for the future, laying roads to build new processes.

Just like leads habits die hard they made the celebration meaningful by explaining the reason for our success and how it impacted the company. The key to success was teamwork and it was celebrated with positive energy. The whole team also actively expressed gratitude for each other highlighting each other’s individual contributions.

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