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Immerse in Value Creed’s Gaming Zone

A Step into the Virtual World

Value Creed is always focused on creating a fun and collaborative work environment where employees can work through challenges, build connections, and foster teamwork. Our newest addition to this is the brand new gaming zone – an immersive environment that seamlessly blends the digital with the physical world of fun.

Powered by Virtual Reality and delivered through Oculus VR, it is another step towards being future-ready that lets our team experience the ultimate gaming experience. We have always been a step ahead in giving our team the best experience and with Metaverse creating major buzz we did not want to miss an opportunity of creating the perfect three-dimensional platform for our team to immerse themselves in fun.

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Our team can also de-stress themselves on a daily basis at our breakroom playing on the gaming console to relax, have fun and enjoy the workplace. Friendly multiplayer matches can elevate the employee experience by shaking up team dynamics and starting conversations.

We believe that the most productive workplace has balanced work and play with opportunities for active breaks. We facilitate everything that focuses on the overall well-being of our employees and finally