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Value Creed Extends Its Success Into Two New Cities This 2022


Value Creed is proud to announce that it is expanding its physical presence into the technology capital of India, Bengaluru, and the energy capital of the world, Houston, Texas.

Value Creed has undergone a remarkable evolution in the last five years as it consistently pursued its vision to become the leading CTRM solution provider across the globe.

Being able to invest and grow across multiple geographies in a short span truly bolsters the company’s commitment to its team members and clients while signifying its quest for rapid continued global growth and development. Value Creed is optimistic about the new opportunities that the expansion will bring in terms of


Over time, Value Creed has achieved significant growth across all aspects of the CTRM industry. Steady increases in project activities over the last several years have culminated in overwhelming growth in the most recent quarters. The team has tripled in less than a year, enabling Value Creed to create a cohesive service network and further strengthen its world-class service capabilities. This is the seventh consecutive year of revenue growth, a continued reflection of the trust clients place  in team members’ ability to solve their critical business challenges. The growth has given Value Creed the resources it needs to meet the growing needs of its global clients even more efficiently and provide them with an even higher level of service at a competitive cost.

We had been serving our Houston clients remotely throughout this pandemic, however with most of our clients working out of their offices and with the rapid growth of their respective businesses, our local physical presence in Houston would help them get specialized services at the rapid pace they expect from us.


Value Creed welcomes amazing talent to its Bengaluru facility, a burgeoning hub for technology and innovation. The expansion brings new perspectives and fresh capabilities to the team as it works towards an ever-evolving positive client experience. 

Our expansion into Houston, the energy capital of the world, gives us a unique opportunity to offer our client partners the best services in their markets and to work locally together to achieve success.


Value Creed believes in and invests in its employees’ professionalism, skill, and can-do attitude. The company offers the best training and personal mentorship under its LearnSmart Program to ensure employees achieve success throughout their careers. The company keeps its teams small which instills in all team members a sense of responsibility and accountability for the task at hand. Business ideas, solutions, and best practices are well documented and can be transferred across functions and working groups on several levels. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, Value Creed continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering high-quality services to new and existing clients across a range of private and public sector businesses.

I couldn't be more excited to start our journey in the Bengaluru office! The hypergrowth that ignited a series of expansions at our Hyderabad office continues to another top tech city in India. I am confident that this expansion will open the door to wonderful opportunities for us and the fantastic talent of the IT capital of India.

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