Value Creed and UPES Sign MoU to launch LearnSmart Internships

Roaring through the “Hypergrowth Series”, Value Creed proudly announces its collaboration with University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) to provide internships to students under the LearnSmart internship program that primarily focuses on providing a platform for the youth to channel their potential and create a framework for competency-based skill training.

The fast evolving nature of the Energy industry is creating an entirely new marketplaces, new ecosystems, and new opportunities for Energy and Utility companies. Value Creed opens doors to the world for students by bridging the gap between the transition from college to work ecosystems. 

The focus is not just on high-quality work opportunities but also on empowering students with various skills. As compared to other internships, students receive hands-on experience on various CTRM  software platforms like Allegro, RightAngle, iRely, W Energy, and many more.

Interns will also be taught high-value soft skills, critical analysis, and proven frameworks on live software instances, rather than offline scenarios along with targeted mentorship to assist and provide guidance to them, allowing them to explore their passions while working on real-time projects.

The collaboration also paves way for faculty training under Abhigyaat where the teachers can accelerate their technical, functional, and industry knowledge providing opportunities to ascent into supervisory, and executive roles ensuring success and career advancement at an unprecedented pace.

Benefits of the Training Program to the Students

The specific objectives of the collaboration include providing hands-on experience to students of UPES to various advanced technologies available in various CTRM platforms to expand their knowledge horizon. The students will also be encouraged to reach self-efficacy by setting high standards to help them achieve their goals. 

Our internship experience is to bring interns together to connect, collaborate and co-create to make a difference in the world. We believe that this collaboration will encourage greater flexibility for the university and students harnessing the technological tools available in the fast-growing energy sector.

I believe the collaboration between UPES and LearnSmart by Value Creed would bring a new perspective to the energy-focused studies. Exposure to the right ETRM tools and projects will prepare our students and faculty for the upcoming opportunities.