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Get Fit with Value Creed's Walkathon


Stepping Towards Healthy Behaviour

A hectic work schedule or even boredom with your workout routine can throw you off your fitness and nutrition goals. However, well-being is a broad subject including everything from physical fitness and financial wellness to mental health.

Value Creed recognizes employee wellness programs as a must-have and not just a nice perk. We have come up with a new workplace challenge to encourage a healthy living amongst our employees. After working on a list of fundamental and beneficial wellness challenge ideas we have decided to take small steps towards designing the fitness challenges.

Our primary goal is to encourage our employees to take part in some form of physical activity on a regular basis and adopt healthier habits, through small and fun activities. 


Value Creed's Walking Challenge

As walking challenges are fun, easy way to get active, and potentially get fit. We have designed a 30-Day Walking challenge for our employees. It is also great because both in-office as well as remote employees can participate, creating more opportunities for employees.

So the goal would be to make walking a habit for them, creating personal growth for each participant. The ideal situation is that a walking challenge participant would continue their healthy walking habit, even after the challenge is completed. 


Value Creed’s 360 Degree Approach for Employee Wellbeing

Our 360 degrees approach towards wellbeing covers all grounds aiding our employees in striking the perfect work-life balance :

Sense of Community

VC Fit initiatives focus on creating communities among employees with a common health goal and also adding the required fitness activities to their daily lives.

Nutrition & Health Monitoring

VC Eats and VC Care focus on helping our employees achieve and move towards a healthy lifestyle with nutrition rich meals, health checkups and follow-up consultation.

Family connection

 VCGoHome is an initiative started to encourage our employees to leave their laptops at the workplace to ensure they have proper work-life balance.

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Achieving Self-Management

At Value Creed we believe that involvement stems out from the right kind of support. Creating that competitive, goal oriented team environment to turn groups of individuals into teams through camaraderie, and shared experience.

We take our employee’s well being as our responsibility and work towards providing the right tools that keep our people in good physical and mental shape by helping them reach a greater state of readiness for self-management.

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