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Value Creed Fuels Efficiency through Process Automation for a Premier Fuel Supplier

Performance Challenge

In the routine operations of a leading fuel supplier in North America, significant errors and mismatches in Bill of Lading (BOL) numbers posed a notable challenge, affecting operational efficiency. The BOL numbers outline shipment contents and destinations, these details were often compromised due to manual data entry errors made by truck drivers at delivery sites. These discrepancies included mistakes in BOL numbers, vendor details, and other critical information. With the receipt of hundreds of BOLs daily, totaling 10 to 100 mismatches, cash flow experienced a notable impact. Failure to generate invoices due to Bill of Lading discrepancies posed risks to credit limits, trade restrictions, operational disruptions, regulatory compliance, resource allocation, customer satisfaction, and cost management.

To address these issues, daily manual validation became necessary to maintain the accuracy of BOL information. Recognizing this need, Value Creed introduced automation solutions to identify and rectify BOL data discrepancies, ensuring the seamless integration of accurate and up-to-date information into the system. Through the implementation of automation, businesses could effectively reduce errors, minimize delays in invoice generation, and uphold smooth operations within fuel transportation logistics.


Operational Efficiency

Automated analysis processes boosted operational efficiency by 75%

Data Accuracy

Achieved 95%+ Data accuracy on BOL data

Resource Utilization

60-70% reduction in resource utilization for manual tasks

Code Management

90% accuracy in destination code management

Invoicing Process

Decrease in invoicing cycle time by 80%

Digital Transformation

Our suggested solution is a comprehensive workflow implemented through Power Automate, designed to significantly enhance operational efficiency by optimizing manual processes.

Data Integration and Visualization: Implemented a unified platform to integrate data from various sources such as RightAngle, and other applications to fetch information from various parameters.

Automated Validation and Matching: Developed automated algorithms to validate BOL numbers and other parameters across different systems to identify correct data. Enabled automated mapping of this data that generated simplified results in the desired format.

Streamlined Reporting: Automated generation of reports and summary tables enabled distribution of data throughout the organization to verify and align the data.

Efficient Database Updates: Integrated automated tools to update Bill of Lading (BOL) data in the RightAngle database seamlessly to ensure timely and accurate updates to prevent errors in fuel delivery logistics

Performance Optimization:  Streamlined operations, reducing manual processing time and errors by 70%. Implemented user feedback loop for ongoing enhancements and analytics-driven refinements.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Obtain the most appropriate and useful data for your specific needs! Value Creed offers a range of services to support you during your data transformation journey. With expertise in data integration, reporting, and performance optimization, we assist in ensuring that your data is optimized for analysis, visualization, and validation.

Key Takeaways

Our solution aims to revolutionize the industry by offering a scalable, user-friendly, and highly efficient platform for managing fuel delivery logistics. The solution covered custom solution development, data integration, workflow optimization, data validation and quality assurance, user training and support, and continuous improvement initiatives.

We tailored a Power Automate workflow for seamless data extraction, validation, analysis, and database updates. The solution drastically reduced manual analysis time from 8 hours to 2 hours daily, preventing breaches of credit exposure limits due to Bill of Lading data mismatches. It streamlined operations, minimized errors, and reallocated resources efficiently. Automation and validation mechanisms ensured data accuracy and compliance with fuel tax regulations, mitigating risks of incorrect tax calculations. By automating data validation and synchronization, our solution expedited invoicing, ensuring accuracy, and reducing manual analysis time, ultimately enhancing efficiency.

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