Value Creed Successfully Addresses Reporting and Data Migration Challenges with Data Transformation Service

Performance Challenge

A prominent downstream company that operates a network of gasoline service stations across the United States faced significant challenges while generating timely business and executive-level reporting across multiple desks in the middle and front office.  Furthermore, the risk team encountered difficulties with a tool responsible for transferring risk data from an ETRM system to an external tunneling system via an interface. The performance of this tool was inconsistent, causing issues for the risk team. To overcome these challenges, Value Creed proposed implementing a dashboard-based reporting system that would cater to the needs of both the business and executive levels. This solution would leverage Azure-hosted data migration tools to ensure efficient and real-time data transfer, while also maintaining proper logging to preserve an audit trail.


Improved Reporting

Executive & business reporting for Middle and front Office 

Improved Data Migration

 Risk and Snapshot runs for mitigated P&L generation considering VaR, ES etc.

Effective Monitoring

Real-time figures, quick response, and streamlined infrastructure

Data Transformation

To address crucial transformation requirements, Value Creed implemented a Power-BI reporting dashboard for real-time updates on essential business processes across traders, schedulers, and inventory desks. Additionally, an ADF pipeline was implemented to transfer data to risk tools, facilitating critical reports such as MTM Data, Risk Exposure, and Search Curve Values. This empowered the desk to make informed decisions by leveraging insights from the reporting tool, which directly extracted and generated data from the ETRM system

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Data Transformation

Data Transformation

Unlock operational effectiveness and elevate the efficiency and reliability of your database through Value Creed’s tailored data transformation service. Our meticulously crafted solution caters to various requirements of data integration, accessibility, monitoring, and security, empowering your business to thrive with confidence.

Key Takeaways

The implementation resulted in notable enhancements in functionality, user experience, data security, and risk analysis. It delivered valuable insights into the client’s profit and loss risk factors. Additionally, the solution facilitated the client’s transition from a reactive state to a stable operational mode with predictable process delivery times, well-organized data feeds, and responsive user support.

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