How A Major North American Utility Company Achieved Successful Digital Transformation With Value Creed

Performance Challenge

One of North America’s most prominent oil and gas utility companies aimed to upgrade their CTRM to better serve their customers in a clean energy future. Unfortunately, their digital transformation process was hampered by slow performance, outdated workflows, and a lack of vendor support.

They turned to Value Creed with a mission of upgrading their CTRM to the cloud, improving performance, and reducing costs. The results?



in long-term infrastructure and support costs


minute run time
Reduced from two hours


minute valuation run time
Reduced from 40 minutes


User Acceptance Test pass rate

Modern CTRM Solution Leveraging Azure Cloud

  • Value Creed implemented a cloud migration strategy, using agile methods to deploy the CTRM on Azure.
  • Our dual-time-zone model ran over 400 user tests, achieving a 99% pass rate. Technical testing and validation was carried out across four iterative cycles.
  • User training and knowledge transfer ensured the company’s IT teams could fully utilize their enhanced product capabilities, including LNG scheduling and renewables product management.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

CTRM Cloud Infrastructure & Monitoring

Migrate your CTRM to a high-performance cloud based environment. Faster, more flexible, and more secure than ever before.

Expertise On Demand

Functional and technical expertise enabling product enhancements to be leveraged by in-house staff instantly upon upgrade completion.

Exhaustive Q/A testing and in-depth cross training ensured user acceptance and project success.

Business Outcomes

Value Creed met the strategic project requirements – cloud migration, database conversion and CTRM upgrade with an aggressive timeline through our global delivery model. Additionally, the “like-for-like” upgrade model migrated the company’s existing configurations to an upgraded cloud CTRM platform and shifted their database from Oracle to SQL. 

The company is now able to take advantage of greater security and advanced efficiency, all while maintaining central business processes without disruption.

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