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How TransAlta Solved Its Data Integration Challenges Through Value Creed’s Expertise On Demand

Performance Challenge

TransAlta hit a roadblock when ICE announced significant changes to the ICE Trade Capture API. To maintain trade data automation, the company had to make technical changes within a short timeframe which would entail high risk and disrupt their day-to-day processes.

With this, TransAlta also had various other limitations like limited personnel and executive sponsorship to come to a consensus to decide between upgrading the CTRM platform or seeking third-party operational support of integration and testing within the limited timeframe. To achieve the desired results without disrupting business operations, Value Creed implemented BroadPeak’s K3 in 6 weeks.


Met critical deadlines without any disruptions in daily operations 

Full transparency and Control over trade data

Increased operational efficiencies

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Expertise On Demand

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Expertise On Demand

Whether you need to implement new functionalities, create custom enhancements, or make business process improvements, Value Creed’s team of technical and functional experts help you cater to modern business demands and achieve organizational goals at every stage of the CTRM journey.

Key Takeaways

A collaborative effort of Value Creed with BroadPeak’s K3 team met with a tight technical deadline without disrupting business. Value Creed crafted a solution and designed a roadmap for implementation. Since our team has a deep understanding of TransAlta’s CTRM software, the integration with BroadPeak’s K3 solution was carried out without any issues. The expanded implementation of K3 by Value Creed helped TransAlta to rely on critical connections to the derivatives market confidently, gain full transparency and control over trade data and increase operational efficiencies to maximize the ROI of their software investments.

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