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How an Energy Company Achieved a Swift Upgrade in Three Months with Value Creed’s Upgrade Services

Performance Challenge

A leading Energy Company based out of Houston found itself at a crossroads when it needed assistance with upgrading its ETRM system. Lacking prior experience in such complex technical endeavors, the company sought expert guidance to navigate this crucial upgrade process.

The current version of their ETRM system lacked the most recent functionalities and had limited performance enhancement features. The absence of these updated features posed challenges in the inventory reconciliation process, resulting in data mismatches. Furthermore, accessing the system through a Terminal server added connectivity issues.

Additionally, the business team had a limited understanding of the latest version and its features. The overall situation emphasized the urgent necessity for an upgrade that seamlessly integrates advancements without disrupting the intricate existing functionalities of the business teams.


Comprehensive Testing

Ensuring the highest quality standards with testing cycles at every stage

3 - Month Delivery

Ensuring continuous transparency of the project’s progress with a focused 15-day sprint

Smooth Transition

Curated user training plan from subject matter experts along with hyper-care support

Revitalizing Project Excellence

Revolutionary Access Solution: Our implementation was primarily focused on Azure’s visual desktop that completely transformed accessibility, offering a flawless experience.

Expert-Led Knowledge Transfer: Our subject matter experts delivered unparalleled training sessions, empowering business teams with insights that elevated their expertise.

Cutting-Edge Artifact Management: We established an unprecedented system where every test case and result are securely stored at the client’s location, providing instant access.

Automated Excellence: All deployments were seamlessly automated and meticulously process-oriented, setting a new standard for efficiency and precision that defies industry norms.

Unrivaled Transparency: Our execution strategy was characterized by unmatched transparency, rendering every operation audit-compliant effortlessly, setting an exemplary benchmark for industry peers.

Real-time Empowerment: Our weekly dashboards not only kept the client informed but also transformed the way stakeholders perceived project statuses, elevating their understanding to an unprecedented level of clarity and engagement.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Upgrade Services

Upgrade Services

Our team is made up of industry-leading CTRM experts who help you model new business requirements to ensure a future-proof setup. Our commitment to CTRM technology is reflected in our upgrade services, which empower you to customize and enhance performance. Our primary focus is to optimize functionality across the board, aligning with market demands through a holistic solution.

Key Takeaways

Hindered by system performance and other challenges, the company urgently required a seamless upgrade. Our transformative solutions included a revolutionary Azure visual desktop, expert-led knowledge transfer, cutting-edge artifact management, and automated processes, setting new industry standards. Unmatched transparency and real-time dashboards elevated stakeholder understanding and engagement. This comprehensive solution not only addressed immediate concerns but also positioned the Energy Company for a future marked by technological excellence and operational efficiency.

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