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Value Creed Implements Purging & Archiving Strategies for a Downstream Company

Performance Challenge

One of our downstream clients that uses RightAngle, faced significant challenges due to the rapid growth of their database. In just three months, their database size grew from 600 GB to 1.4 TB, causing space and performance issues. The company struggled to store the data and backups, and the slow application performance was attributed to longer-than-usual database maintenance tasks.


Database Maintenance

Cost/Time reduced by 25% across RightAngle infrastructure

Improved Performance

Increased by 20% during EOD critical job runs


Compliant data retention and storage regulations for seamless auditing 

Disk Space

No expansion required

Implementation Services

At Value Creed, we understand the importance of data management and how it impacts the efficiency of your business. That’s why we’re proud to share that our team successfully implemented a solution to configure Purging and Archiving in RightAngle for one of our clients, resulting in significant improvements to their database maintenance tasks and compliance with data retention regulations.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

CTRM Implementation

The implementation services offered by Value Creed will help you in designing and set up your system’s workflows according to your business operations. In addition, we execute a change management & training program to assist your team in effectively maintaining system configurations as well as test the newly implemented CTRM application in accordance with the key requirements. 

Key Takeaways

By implementing a Purging and Archiving solution in RightAngle, Value Creed was able to help their client achieve faster and more responsive application performancecompliance with data retention regulations, and a 50% reduction in storage costs. This solution also enables organizations to focus on core business operations, reduce operational costs, and improve data management practices.

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