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How an Operator of a Chain of Gasoline Service Stations Improved Performance, Accessibility and Security with Value Creed’s CTRM Cloud Infrastructure and Monitoring

Performance Challenge

A well-known chain of gasoline service stations located across the Southern United States wanted to change CTRM platforms to improve performance, accessibility, security and address new business demands. Working with Value Creed, the company made the decision to implement its new CTRM platform in the cloud, rather than on-premises. Our team guided the client through the cloud design process and then provided an agile, efficient solution combining CTRM Cloud Services and CTRM Cloud Infrastructure and Monitoring. Now the client has a future-proof infrastructure stack leveraging the flexibility of the cloud, as well as full ownership and control over its data. From design to architecture, our expert team performed the initial implementation in just one month and subsequent environments within one week.



24/7/365 Support

delivered with Value Creed and the client as a team

100% accessible

from anywhere using a custom virtual desktop

New Security Controls

Secure Cloud deployment with up-to-date security

CTRM Cloud Infrastructure and Monitoring

Accessibility from Anywhere

  • Our team created an infrastructure, established a secure VPN tunnel and designed a custom virtual desktop for access to the cloud anytime, anywhere.
  • We monitor the infrastructure to ensure peak performance, timely backups and reliable security through a private cloud that can be retrieved from any internet location.

Around-the-Clock Support

  • Our team of experts provides monitoring 24/7 paired with automated alerts for fast, consistent performance.
  • As a result, prolonged downtime is eliminated, and business processes are sped up.

Eliminating Security Concerns

  • Our cloud CTRM software provides security and firewalls with multi-factor authentication.
  • The integration of all existing cloud applications was implemented in record time ensuring cloud deployment aligned with data security requirement

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Cloud Services

Let us bring your complex CTRM solutions to the cloud for greater speed, flexibility and security. Maximize your competitive advantage with our CTRM Cloud Infrastructure and Monitoring, plus enjoy three core cloud benefits—on-demand agility, high performance and costs savings.

Cloud Hosting Monitoring & Managed Services

Improve your complex, business-critical CTRM platform with Cloud Hosting Monitoring and Managed Services. Our expertise, combined with out-of-the-box thinking and technological wizardry, make anything possible, from an upgrade to a full migration or deployment.


Key Takeaways

With cloud CTRM software, the client’s digital strategy was transformed and its project team became more agile. Accessibility is easier, issues resulting from outages were eliminated and security improved.

Fast Deployments

From design to architecture, our team delivers fast turnaround for initial implementation and subsequent environments when needed.

Less Demand on IT Resources

Bring your CTRM onto the cloud to support digital transformation while placing the burden of monitoring and managing the platform on our team.

More Reliable Reporting

Reap the benefits of more reliable financial reporting and up to a 20 percent cost reduction when comparing CTRM cloud services to traditional on-premises infrastructures.

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