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How a Regional Generation and Transmission Cooperative Company Improved Accountability and Ensured Accurate Reporting With Advisory Services from Value Creed

Business Challenge

A multi-state U.S. electric cooperative and its subsidiary required more powerful recording and calculation of the financial and physical risk associated with power positions.

The company wanted more complete accountability and implement their power book structure into their CTRM System to ensure accurate and up-to-date position reporting and profit/loss measurement.


Precise, real-time dashboards

Accurate reflection of inventory

Profit/loss position reports

Fully leveraged CTRM platform

Enterprise Risk Management

Power Profit & Loss Reporting

Profit & Loss Attribution

Advisory Services

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Enterprise Risk Management

Our team is made up of industry-leading CTRM experts who help you define risk policies to ensure compliant operations. We’re dedicated to CTRM technology and our risk management services enables you to tailor risk evaluation and measurement metrics using data from your CTRM Solution. 



Our Advisory services not only will help you guide your operations but also help you achieve your vision by taking all stakeholders into consideration. Our highly experienced team has combined full lifecycle, functional and technical expertise to deliver frameworks and guidance around building reliable and scalable commodity trading businesses.  

Key Takeaways

Value Creed reviewed the customer’s power structure, system, and position reporting workflow and recommended a platform that more closely matched its business structure and metrics. We then provided design advice, implemented, and configured the platform and aligned the firm’s power P&L and position reporting applications to input data to continuously update both electric and natural gas positions and inventories. Value Creed counseled the company on best practices for maintaining the platform, processes, and reporting structures

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