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Diversified Trading Firm Adds Flexibility and Efficiency with Value Creed’s Managed Services

Error-free Reporting and On-demand Platform Support Expertise

The energy and commodities arm of a large Diversified Trading firm sought robust support for its end-of-day processes and after-hours system monitoring in addition to business-day user support needs related to the CTRM platform. Value Creed’s CTRM Managed Services supplemented the firm’s in-house IT resources, maintaining efficiencies, troubleshooting report preparation, and quickly resolving traders’ challenges. Impressed with Value Creed’s thorough understanding of complex CTRM platforms, the company within a few months expanded its relationship with Value Creed, adding 35 percent more monthly support hours.

Key Results


more in-house IT staff time dedicated to high-value tasks


reduction in trading-day delays caused by overnight reporting errors


platform-support tickets resolved in the first three months

Resource Allocation and Reliable Platform
Health Outsourcing

The firm reacted quickly to market demands and aggressive competition, implementing a robust CTRM platform to help it respond more rapidly to trading opportunities and reduce exposure risk. Concerns about inconsistent, limited support and lengthy response times convinced the trading firm not to trust user guidance and system oversight to theplatform vendor. The client chose Value Creed to ensure delivery of vital services on demand:

Digitizing Inventory Forecasting

  • Industry experience and software expertise that delivery functional and technical solutions
  • Full development of CTRM platform capabilities for process automation, data management, and more

Sophisticated Tools

  • Testing, commissioning and user training that instills operator confidence and productivity.
  • Vigilant run-time and overnight reporting monitoring to repair anomalies before they compromise operations

Extension of IT Resources

  • Outsourcing of precise trade, P/L, position, and other reports to boost strategy development
  • Supplementary and complementary skills that allow in-house IT teams to focus on strategic, value-added tasks.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Expertise On Demand

An experienced team and sophisticated technology combine to deliver feature-rich functionality and operability. You pay only for the services you need when you need them.

RunSmart™ Managed Services

Our unique approach ensures daytime user issues are addressed, while offloading low-level trouble ticket tasks to our CTRM experts.  Additionally, our dual-timezone support instantly addresses overnight issues.  This ensures your trading day starts with accurate data and reports are ontime without having IT team working overtime.  RunSmart is the key to starting the trading day right.

Collaboration Creates Flexible, Scalable Processes

If you seek affordable, responsive CTRM expertise like we delivered for this client, talk to the Value Creed team. Whether you require always-ready daytime operational support,responsive overnight system maintenance, or any other support along your CTRM journey, Value Creed’s passion drives our commitment to bring forward-thinking solutions to solve your most complex problems and deliver the greatest business value and sustainability.

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