Looking to Manage Inventory Costs for Liquid Commodities Effectively?

Conventional manual methods and third-party systems might not provide the needed real-time accuracy for inventory costs and valuation. Additionally, calculating costs for individual units of inventory, especially within a range of contracts, can be time-consuming. The introduction of RightAngle’s latest version, S21.1, featuring the Daily WACOG by Contract capability, addresses the need for accurate, real-time inventory valuation.

Unlike traditional methods that struggle to reflect daily commodity price fluctuations, the new feature in the latest version of RightAngle closely aligns inventory valuation with market dynamics, benefiting businesses with high daily sales volumes. Implementing inventory valuation methodology of WACOG in an integrated system like RightAngle streamlines inventory management and enhances risk and accounting practices. We recommend that our clients embrace RightAngle’s WACOG method, as it offers a comprehensive remedy for efficient inventory management. This solution capitalizes on industry-specific attributes, tailoring options, and alignment with regulations, all of which combine to enhance effectiveness, accuracy, financial gains, and competitiveness. 

Addressing Inventory Cost Challenges

Challenges in managing inventory costs accurately are widespread. Manual methods can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and compliance risks that affect decision-making. The absence of real-time inventory data visibility can hamper competitiveness, and the complexities of calculating costs for liquid products are a recognized concern.

Current complexities involve disjointed systems, manual calculations, lack of integration with workflows, and the inability to capture frequent price fluctuations inherent in liquid commodities, which ultimately leads to inaccurate cost estimates. Additionally, the continuous flow nature of liquid commodities makes precise inventory tracking difficult, as factors like shrinkage, blending, and measurement inaccuracies can lead to discrepancies in quantity and cost assessments. Managing inventory across various storage facilities, determining appropriate pricing points for cost allocation, and adhering to regulatory standards further contribute to the complexity of the process.

Commodity companies will employ specialized ETRM software and other peripheral systems to address some of these challenges however even then other issues like maintaining data integrity, resource-intensive inventory data updates, error-prone reconciliation processes, and the manual marking of transactions are prevalent in accurately tracking inventory costs and value. 

Benefit from Real-Time Insights, Customization, and Precise Reporting

Selecting RightAngle for implementing WACOG inventory valuation for liquids commodities offers several advantages over other ETRM solution alternatives. The integration of WACOG modeling into RightAngle is customized to suit the business’s needs, utilizing the platform’s robust reporting capabilities. This encompasses features like contract-based cost tracking, flexible pool-based cost calculations, and daily WACOG reports for precise cost insights.

To maximize the utility of RightAngle’s inventory valuation capabilities, we recommend crafting bespoke reports within the platform that consolidate diverse inventory data points. By doing so, businesses can streamline their inventory management processes effectively. A notable case involves our creation of tailored reports for a client within RightAngle, where we amalgamated data from various sources. For instance, this approach integrated information from multiple reports, yielding insights into tank-level inventory through the Physical Inventory Interface. This encompassed valuable details, including estimates of daily end-of-day inventory. Furthermore, our solution seamlessly incorporates the Terminal Data Staging Interface, which validates terminal data to facilitate reconciliation. Moreover, the Search Terminal Inventory Recon Interface was utilized to meticulously compare terminal net quantity against transaction records, ensuring the continual updating of reconciliation statuses to promote a well-balanced inventory control system.

Additionally, RightAngle solution provides risk assessment via daily WACOG risk mark-to-market reports. Notably, the “Use Zero Values to Market for WACOG” function refines inventory valuation accuracy. Additional advantages include prior period adjustments, efficient accounting, seamless system integration, tailored reporting, and real-time data access for adaptive decision-making. This tailored implementation ensures accurate cost management, risk assessment, and reporting while catering to the client’s distinct operational requirements.

We advise clients to focus on unique business contexts and leverage RightAngle’s specialized capabilities in WACOG by contract, WACOG by pool, and Daily WACOG calculations. This tailored approach, aligned with industry best practices, sets our recommended implementation of RightAngle features apart from other available options and ensures that it precisely meets the client’s current situation and needs.

Strategic Edge: Enabling WACOG Implementation

The utilization of RightAngle for WACOG implementation for an organization brings a multitude of advantages, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the liquid energy industry:

Effective Cost Allocation

WACOG by Contract provides detailed cost insights for better financial control. WACOG by Pool offers market-responsive cost calculations.

Daily WACOG by Contract

RightAngle recalculates daily WACOG, aligning cost structures with market fluctuations. Crucial for industries like retail fuel, ensuring accurate decisions and risk management.


RightAngle's customization aligns tools with business goals, enhancing performance without compromise.

Smooth Integration

Seamlessly integrating RightAngle optimizes data flow, boosting efficiency across functions.

Strategic Insights

Leverage specialized WACOG reporting for real-time informed decisions and market competitiveness.

Holistic Approach

RightAngle tailors to client needs, offering a dedicated team for success. Partner with experts for a comprehensive solution that drives success.

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Enhancing NGL Management with RightAngle

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, the imperative for streamlined, interconnected solutions to effectively manage the multifaceted intricacies of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) has intensified. Within the dynamic energy sector, NGLs have evolved into widely traded commodities, their significance underscored by their ecological benefits and remarkable versatility throughout the refining process. However, the intricate process of refining Y-grade products into an array of diverse sub-products introduces a labyrinthine challenge. A web of spreadsheets and documents struggles to navigate the intricate logistics spanning the entire lifecycle, right up to the end consumer.

In this blog we will talk about how we bring in together NGLs complexity and RightAngle’s out-of-the-box functionalities together through Value Creed’s expertise. We strongly advise choosing RightAngle for managing NGLs due to its specialized focus on energy and commodity trading, seamless integration capabilities, high level of customizability, efficient refining and distribution tracking, enhanced risk management features, proven track record in the industry, ease of integration, and dedicated support services.

Navigating the Complexity of NGL Management

The intricate market dynamics of NGLs arise from the distinct behaviors, demand drivers, and price correlations among ethane, propane, butanes, and pentanes, coupled with their ties to crude oil and natural gas prices. Managing NGL portfolios requires delicate balance due to these interconnected fluctuations. Seasonal demand variations, driven by factors such as heating needs and summer driving, further compound the complexity.

Blending and regrading requirements also add to the intricacy. NGLs often require blending to meet specific product specifications and market demands. Each sub-products may consist of specific blends of various hydrocarbons, including ethane, propane, butanes, and pentanes, each with its distinct chemical properties. These components are blended in varying ratios to create different sub-products with desired characteristics for different applications. Proper management and tracking of these NGL components are essential to ensure the quality and suitability of the resulting sub-products. Inaccuracies or gaps in tracking these compositions can lead to inefficiencies, sub-optimal product quality, and difficulties in meeting market demands.

Moreover, the storage types required for NGLs are diverse and specialized, ranging from underground storage facilities to pressurized vessels. The need for proper storage adds complexity to the logistics, especially considering safety regulations, volume considerations, and compatibility of stored components.

RightAngle stands out as the optimal solution, offering specialized features for NGL storage, blending, and monitoring. It ensures seamless accessibility to a wide array of sub-products, meeting diverse customer needs. Its strengths lie in integration, customization, risk management, and a solid industry track record. However, prevalent use of third-party tools like Excel introduces inefficiencies, data disparities, and operational obstacles, impeding scalability and precise decision-making.

Elevating NGL Management with Value Creed’s Customized Solutions

Fusing our expertise with the intricacies of NGL complexity seamlessly integrates with RightAngle’s out-of-the-box functionalities. We have advised a client to implement a solution designed to elevate the management of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) through the utilization of the RightAngle system. Our efforts entailed product setup, integration of blending/storage deal options, and modeling of the bespoke transactions, movement tracking and invoice management within the RightAngle framework. These bespoke enhancements complement RightAngle’s core features and reports, orchestrating a cohesive & integrated NGL lifecycle management that eliminates dependency on 3rd party tools and manual data interfacing. 

Integrated Inventory Reconciliation Tools

Optimizes inventory management.

Enhanced Visibility

Amplified insights into sub-product refinement and distribution for informed decision-making and risk management.

Reduced Operational Costs

Enhances efficiency by eliminating dependency on 3rd party tools.

Tailored to the client’s unique trading needs and challenges, our solutions provide an all-encompassing perspective of NGL operations within RightAngle. Furthermore, streamlined business scenario mapping is achieved through seamless integration of the core application, resulting in reduced costs and complexities. This integration includes customizable deal templates featuring integrated chemical tables, ensuring accurate sub-product tracking. Additionally, movement document templates provide meticulous oversight over refining and distribution processes. Through workflow optimization, heightened precision, and advanced risk calculations, our solution consistently delivers optimal results for the client’s NGL asset management needs.

Employing RightAngle Functionalities to Advise and Deliver Tailored Solutions

RightAngle stands out as the preferred platform due to its capacity for multifaceted customization. While these tailor-made enhancements necessitates careful upfront design, and development, QA testing – they are pivotal to align the solution with the client’s business demand and system prerequisites. These personalized enhancements have yielded a favorable impact on the overall business performance, enhancing data accuracy, streamlining processes, increased user adaptability and fortifying the overall risk management capabilities. 

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of NGL operations within RightAngle, the client is empowered to make well-informed decisions confidently, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and driving profitability. Through the convergence of intricate market dynamics, seasonal fluctuations, blending complexities and a tailored technological solution, businesses such as yours can effectively navigate the complex NGL landscape and position for sustainable success.

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Leveraging ETRM Solutions for Effective Risk Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of the energy industry – navigating market volatility, regulatory shifts, credit risks, and operational challenges demands a robust set of enterprise risk management capabilities to effectively monitor and address relevant risk factors. Effective risk mitigation is vital for safeguarding financial positions, maintaining compliance and driving well-informed trading strategies.

Depending on the business segment that you transact in, ETRM Solutions such as  RightAngle provide the ability to generate insights and manage trading risks specific to an organization’s needs and requirements via risk reports and analytics, businesses identify, measure, and monitor risks according to their requirements. Integrating with external systems and real-time monitoring is often required to develop a holistic view of the risks. With modern technologies, workflow automation, effective risk mitigation, and decision-making can be managed in near real-time.

Enhancing RightAngle's Functionality: Unlocking Customizations

RightAngle utilizes standard risk management reports including default Mark-to-Market, risk exposure, and current exposure reports. These reports offer limited customization options resulting in a generalized perspective of risk exposures.

Furthermore, the prevailing approach to risk analysis and report interpretation heavily relies on manual efforts by risk analysts. Consequently, potential drawbacks arise, including errors in analysis, delays in identifying risks or not identifying relevant risks, and hindered decision-making due to the lag in obtaining and processing information. These limitations collectively emphasize the need for enhanced customization and automation capabilities within the RightAngle system.

Value Creed has helped extend the software functionality to bolster the out-of-the-box functionalities and optimize the system to deliver customized results and generate relevant analysis aligned with the company’s risk tolerance. We’ve successfully leveraged various 3rd party reporting tools for advanced risk management that can extract data from the system into the data warehouse and run through various digital reporting tools.

Comprehensive Advanced Risk Management Solutions

We focus on the intricacies of market volatilities, credit risk, regulatory compliance, and other complex factors that can significantly impact an organization’s financial performance and stability. It also encompasses comprehensive stress testing, scenario analysis, and enhanced risk quantification methods, such as Value at Risk (VaR) and Conditional Value at Risk (CVaR) by using 3rd party tools like Lacima, as mentioned it can extract data from RightAngle and move it into data warehouse where the data is analyzed and reported via with advanced reporting & analytical tools like Power Bi or Tableau.

Enhanced Mark-to-Market Reports

Comprehensive Risk Exposure Reports

Customized Search Reports

Our range of solutions encompasses enhanced Mark-to-Market reports, both with and without Real-Time FX Conversion, along with comprehensive risk exposure reports and customized search reports. The enhanced Mark-to-Market (MTM) reporting offers comprehensive trade position insights, displaying risk distribution across parameters such as strategy, product, and location. Custom MTM report views incorporate calculated columns for profitability assessment, while the options view incorporates sensitivity metrics for better evaluation of options risks. Real-time FX conversion eliminates manual conversions, ensuring transparent P&L reporting in local currency. Enhanced risk exposure reports offer in-depth views of various aspects, and custom search reports streamline risk adjustment tracking, limit setting, and alert generation. 

Use case: Integrated Market Risk Management and Analysis Report

Our customized Market Risk Management (MRM) and analytical solution is integrated with RightAngle. This integration allows the extraction of essential risk data from primary reports and enhances analysis for liquid and NGL product traders, generating detailed sub-reports based on refined information. While the analysis and reporting are seamlessly executed within RightAngle, an external tool developed by our team undertakes the specialized task of Value at Risk (VaR) computation using the Variance-Covariance method. This tool, although separate, efficiently integrates data from our custom Integrated Market Risk Management and Analysis Report to generate a robust statistical representation of potential financial setbacks during unfavorable market conditions, enriching the comprehension of market risk.

The report efficiently assessed risks by consolidating primary data, providing a holistic risk overview for real-time monitoring and mitigation. It aided decision-making with daily risk insights, enabling analysts and traders to optimize strategies. VaR (Value at Risk) calculation was streamlined using an external tool, projecting potential losses based on historical data. Back-testing was enhanced by comparing projections with historical outcomes, ensuring accuracy. The report offered customizable market risk insights within the RightAngle platform, promoting transparency, compliance, and improved risk management.

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Looking for an ETRM to handle a complex renewable portfolio?

In the dynamic landscape of renewable energy markets, embarking on the journey toward a sustainable energy future requires more than just intention; it demands adept navigation of the market complexities and innovative solutions. Renewable markets characterized by their ebb and flow, underscore the necessity of robust risk management.

As the focus on sustainable and clean energy sources intensifies globally, the Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) industry emerges as a crucial enabler of renewable energy adoption. Amidst the fluctuations and uncertainties, custom ETRM solutions become the cornerstone, facilitating efficient risk management and enabling decision-making. This blog delves into how Value Creed, with its tailored services, helped enable the implementation of renewable trading within RightAngle, unraveling a success story that goes above and beyond.

Choosing the Right Software: A Strategic Approach for RINs Management

RINs trading stands apart due to its linkages with the environmental attributes of renewable fuels, adherence to regulations, and traceability, setting it apart from traditional commodities. Thus, conducting a thorough evaluation process is essential in determining the suitability of RightAngle, or any other ETRM software, for managing RINs business. The intangible nature of RINs, their role in demonstrating compliance, and susceptibility to policy changes contribute to their unique market dynamics.

Data Handling

EMTS Integration


We assist in precisely defining business needs, particularly concerning their alignment with broader energy markets and the intricacies of handling blending credits for various RINs categories. This proves essential to identify necessary functionalities while assessing RightAngle’s capabilities which involved scrutinizing features like data handling, EMTS integration potential, and scalability. We evaluate RightAngle’s fit with RINs trading, considering user experience and risk management. A comprehensive analysis and stakeholder input leads to an informed choice. Choosing RightAngle for current and future needs ensures effective RINs management within the organization’s framework.

Customization: Beyond Technology, A Strategic Asset

Value Creed’s journey with RightAngle extends far beyond typical software implementation. We understand that true success lies in sculpting a solution that harmonizes with your unique business needs. Through meticulous customization, we have transformed RightAngle from a software platform into a strategic asset, seamlessly adapted for the intricacies of handling complex renewable portfolios.

Comprehensive Solutions for Operational Efficiency and Success

Streamlining Operations: Overcoming Complexities

Our focus extends to enhancing operational efficiency. We streamlined the management of renewable purchases and sales through tailor-made Renewable Deal Templates.

We introduced specialized templates for

  • Standalone RINs transactions,
  • Simplifying RINs trading and
  • Elevating accuracy

The integration of an EMTS RINs Import Interface facilitated smooth data transfer, ensuring a seamless flow of information for informed decision-making.

Revolutionizing Middle Office Operations: Resolving Data Discrepancies

Our solutions reach deep into the middle office, addressing key challenges.

  • Movement Document Templates streamline the attachment of RINs to Renewable Bill of Lading (BOL) documents, ensuring meticulous record-keeping.
  • Our EMTS RINs Export Interface provides a compliant channel for exporting RINs movements, ensuring adherence to stringent regulatory requirements.
  • The introduction of robust RINs Inventory Management minimizes discrepancies, providing clear visibility into inventory levels and enhancing reporting accuracy.

Back Office Excellence, Redefined: Mitigating Errors and Penalties

Value Creed’s impact extends to the back office, where we resolved critical challenges.

  • The RINs D-Code Report delivers comprehensive insights, empowering your team to track financial transactions and make well-informed decisions.
  • Our custom invoicing capabilities within RightAngle eliminate the need for separate invoicing systems, minimizing errors and reducing the risk of penalties.

Driving Transformation and Amplifying Profitability

Value Creed’s success story is not merely about implementing a product; it’s about crafting a tailored solution that transforms operations, enhances efficiency, and amplifies profitability. Our deep expertise in RightAngle reflects our commitment to solving the latest client challenges, propelling your renewable energy trading endeavors to realization.

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Report Migration: Overview

When migrating from PowerBuilder to the .NET version of Right Angle, there can be several challenges that arise for reports, especially if they involve heavy use of PIVOT, filtering, and data structuring in PowerBuilder, along with landscape/portrait orientations. The challenges primarily stem from the differences in the underlying technologies, programming languages, and reporting frameworks used in PowerBuilder and .NET.

Understanding the Challenges in Migrating PowerBuilder Reports to .NET for RightAngle

Migrating PowerBuilder reports to the .NET version of Right Angle presents several challenges due to differences in technologies, programming languages, and reporting frameworks. Understanding these challenges is essential to ensure a successful migration process. In the following section, we will explore the key challenges that arise during this migration and how Value Creed, a trusted expert in report migration, can provide expertise and solutions to overcome these challenges.


  • PowerBuilder version development uses legacy tools and technologies using Sybase IDEs.
  • .NET version is primarily coded in C#.

Our Expertise:

  • Rewrite the report logic and calculations in the appropriate .NET framework due to differences in syntax and functions.


  • PowerBuilder has its own built-in reporting tool and most of the logic is written directly in SQL.
  • .NET version of RightAngle offers various reporting frameworks SQL Report Base, SQLDom and in-built distribution frameworks.

Our Expertise:

  • Identify a suitable reporting framework in .NET and re-implement the powerbuilder report designs accordingly.


  • PowerBuilder reports may heavily rely on PIVOT operations to transform data and present it in a summarized form.
  • To replicate the PIVOT functionality, you will need to identify the appropriate features and functions within the .NET reporting framework that can achieve the same results.

Our Expertise:

  • Thorough understanding of the PIVOT operations used in the PowerBuilder reports including capabilities and features of the chosen .NET reporting framework for successful replication of the PIVOT functionality.


  • PowerBuilder reports often involve complex filtering conditions and data structuring to meet specific business requirements.

Our Expertise:

  • Analyze and understand the existing filtering logic in PowerBuilder and reimplement it in the .NET reporting framework.


  • PowerBuilder reports can be designed to support different page orientations, such as landscape or portrait.
  • The chosen .NET reporting framework should have the ability to handle multiple orientations.

Our Expertise:

  • Adjust the report layout, page settings, and print options to ensure that the migrated reports retain the desired orientation.


  • If there are existing report templates in PowerBuilder, they will need to be recreated in the chosen .NET reporting framework.

Our Expertise:

  • Redesign the report layouts, add appropriate data bindings, and replicate any custom formatting or styling applied in the original PowerBuilder reports.

Use Case Scenario: Migrating from PowerBuilder to .NET

To gain insights into the challenges that can arise when migrating from a PowerBuilder version of a report to a .NET version, let’s explore a practical scenario:

One of our clients, who was using RightAngle’s S11 version, relied on a highly customized report created in PowerBuilder. This report held significant importance for their schedulers as it was distributed to them on a daily basis.

Here’s an overview of the customized PowerBuilder report:


The PowerBuilder version of the report was designed with intricate features such as complex pivoting, grouping, and filtering logic. It operated on a dataset that included several query columns. Additionally, the report was formatted in landscape orientation.

The objective was to replicate the same report with its familiar appearance and functionality in the upgraded S21 version. However, when attempting a straightforward migration of the report’s backend logic to .NET, the outcome fell significantly short of the expected outcome.

Value Creed’s proficiency in report migration proves invaluable in this scenario. Our team of RightAngle SMEs took charge of customizing the .NET version of the RightAngle report using the report designer tool. With their expertise, they made extensive modifications, leveraging various features including computed query columns, external query columns, dynamic queries, and the available UI tools.

The end result was a meticulously crafted report that closely resembled the original one from S11.

Leverage Value Creed’s Expertise to upgrade seamlessly

Migrating PowerBuilder reports to the .NET version of Right Angle poses several challenges due to differences in technologies, languages, and reporting frameworks. Value Creed’s expertise in report migration is invaluable in overcoming these challenges. Through extensive modifications and leveraging the capabilities of the .NET reporting framework, our team of RightAngle SMEs successfully customized the .NET version of the report for our clients. 

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Is your current RightAngle version holding you back?

Don’t let business and IT constraints become roadblocks on your path to success. Value Creed is here to help with our tailored solutions and additional support.

We understand the challenges you face and offer the expertise to overcome them. With our comprehensive approach, we ensure that your operations run smoothly and efficiently, by not only addressing the immediate concerns but also the underlying issues, enabling sustainable success.

Unlocking Solutions for Unsupported RightAngle Versions

 In the realm of technical problem-solving, there are multiple alternatives to address new business scenarios, current issues, and bugs without resorting to an upgrade.

With increasing operational complexities, businesses recognize the need to have tailored solutions for generating reports such as Hour Lifting Reports and Inventory Reconciliation. While the latest versions may address future requirements for automatcher, order maintenance, and more, upgrading solely for immediate fixes is not an ideal solution. This is where our team’s expertise comes in, delivering flawless transitions between the current and new system processes. 

Introduction of new business scenarios

With a lack of core support for any new business scenarios, implementation of various modules will either be a ‘workaround’ utilizing the current systems in place, or a new customization to be added to the system. Our expertise allows us to understand the current processes and create new functional customizations that can be incorporated seamlessly within the current setup. 

This is a tailored display system aimed at providing our business with real-time updates on the hourly quantity of products being lifted. The solution offers a visual representation of the frequency of outgoing products, empowering our team to grasp the intricacies of demand and supply dynamics. 

A custom solution for automatically handling the BOLs (Movement Documents); through meticulous implementation, the system is designed to possess the capability to identify specific data attributes within BOLs, such as product details, locations, and receipt/delivery deals.

Automating this process aims at assisting users after the month-end account closes, further enabling proactive comparison of the data between ‘Search Inventory Balance’ and ‘Search Inventory Subledger Balance,’ swiftly identifying any discrepancies that necessitate user validation.

Recognizing Future Business Requirements

In many instances, the RightAngle system may not meet the business requirements, necessitating the addition of new custom business rules and custom development. Our team has extensive experience in implementing numerous custom developments to support the business. Here are a few examples:

These modules can include deferred invoices and custom order processing. With the complexity of these items, with scenarios such as needing to actualize individual movement doc line items at separate times/accounting periods, the core logic can find it difficult to accomplish the goals of the business.   

These templates are carefully customized to capture all the essential details needed for each specific trade. For example, to address the complexities of the Rack business, we have designed separate templates for different scenarios, including Rack Day purchase & sale, Rack Contract purchase & sale, Rack posted purchase & sale, and standalone RINs purchase & sale.

Whereas for RINs trades, we have expanded the deal templates by including additional fields that are crucial for our RINs customers. When deals are interfaced and imported from third-party tools into RightAngle, our team has implemented a reliable mechanism to ensure smooth data transfers.


The T4 Interface allows for the seamless import of nominations, schedules, and custody tickets from T4 into RightAngle, simplifying order creation and movement document generation. Custom reports provide details of imported T4 data and highlight any issues.

The developed custom solution for Capturing Physical Inventory Balances for Terminal and Storage locations has the ability to capture the physical inventory balances for their terminal and storage locations.
Furthermore, implementing a custom auto-agree job helps to compare the terminal BOL data with the RightAngle BOL data. If no discrepancies are found, the transaction is marked as agreed on by the recon group.

Our team configures payable matching for different types used by customers, with specific tolerances for each transaction. The Payable Automatcher job applies the matching logic to align vendor files with RightAngle accounting transactions.

To facilitate communication with various counterparties, our custom solution has the functionality to send draft notices via email directly from RightAngle. It also generates a PDF file containing AR invoices for the current day and automatically emails it to the respective counterparties, ensuring efficient and timely communication.

Addressing Manual User-hours Issues

The business can incur significant costs in the long run when encountering issues that demand a considerable amount of manual effort or workarounds. It becomes crucial to implement a permanent solution to mitigate these challenges. This is where Value Creed can play a vital role by developing a long-term resolution so the users can be relieved from the complexities of workaround procedures tied to the issue.

A sophisticated custom logic that automates the payable invoice generation identifies and selects accounting transactions that meet specific criteria provided by the business. Our approach streamlines the invoicing workflow, allowing businesses to focus on core operations and enhance overall productivity.

Value Creed offers a custom solution that matches orders effectively and generates order batch names by intelligently trimming them while maintaining uniqueness. This eliminates the need for manual order and order batch creation, mitigating potential issues with the automatcher.

In certain scenarios where users update data on existing deals, the system erroneously terminates the risk associated with those deals on the MTM report, leading to discrepancies in the risk data. To mitigate this issue, our team offers a meticulous data validation process that identifies such cases and flags the records where risk termination has occurred incorrectly. 

Tackle challenges of unsupported RightAngle versions with Value Creed’s Expertise

Harnessing our expertise, we understand the intricacies of your unique environment and curate custom solutions that seamlessly sync with your existing configurations.

With our extensive background in handling diverse versions, we possess the ideal experience to provide customized solutions for RightAngle’s unsupported versions. Our distinctive solutions offer numerous benefits, including enhanced system performance, streamlined inventory management, accelerated invoicing workflows, reduced manual efforts, and optimized cost management. By adopting our custom approach, you can allocate resources more effectively, fostering productivity and facilitating growth.

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