Automating Natural Gas Scheduling: Loss & Rate Calculations with Allegro

Shifting Terrain of Natural Gas Scheduling: Embracing Automation

In the dynamic world of natural gas scheduling, changes in base loss and rate percentages are a common occurrence. This volatility stems from various factors such as market dynamics, regulatory shifts, operational costs, infrastructure upgrades, economic fluctuations, contractual amendments, and seasonal demand fluctuations. Maintaining fair and flexible pricing mechanisms is crucial to ensuring equitable transactions within the industry. Therefore, regular updates are essential to adapt to these ever-evolving influences, thereby fostering a just and efficient natural gas transportation system.

For clients, staying informed about these changes is vital to assess contract profitability and reconcile monthly statements accurately. Recognizing the need for a more streamlined approach, Middle Office users often take steps to automate loss and rate calculations, along with inputting corresponding percentages into Allegro. This enhancement is specifically tailored for pipelines operating on mileage-based rates, aiming to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Overcoming Manual Hurdles: Loss and Rate Percentage Updates

The current Allegro process for updating loss and rate percentages requires manual entry and reliance on external spreadsheets. This manual approach not only impacts productivity but also increases the risk of errors, hindering decision-making and operational efficiency.

Our proposed solution significantly enhances efficiency by introducing a specialized view for Mileage-Based services, automating the calculation and validation of percentages at 0.5-mile increments, and integrating key functions for operational efficiency. Enhanced user-friendliness and validation measures further ensure precise data handling and seamless transfer of information, ultimately optimizing the scheduling process.

A Milestone in Automation of Loss and Rate Calculations

Our solution revolutionizes loss and rate calculations in Allegro by automating the tedious manual process. Allegro’s existing functionality calculates losses and rates based on mileage. To designate a service as mileage-based, users simply set the ‘Mileage Based’ flag to true and ensure accuracy in mile markers along the pipeline. To tackle dynamic base percentages, our solution introduces automation for seamless insertion, calculation, and verification of losses and rates at 0.5-mile increments.

We’ve developed the ‘Mileage Based Parameters’ view with ‘Parameters’ and ‘Details’ panes, tailored for precision in Mileage-Based services. Users input essential data, and our system accurately computes Loss and Rate percentages.

Furthermore, we’ve implemented key functions to enhance operational efficiency:

'CalculateMilesBasedData' accurately calculates mileage between Delivery and Receipt points, populating Loss and Rate percentages within the Details pane.

'ExportToNGLoss' seamlessly transfers calculated loss percentages per 100 miles into the Losses view of Natural Gas Service.

'ExportToNGRate' mirrors this function by transferring rate calculations seamlessly.

For added validation, Delivery and Receipt points are included in the Index sidebar, allowing users to easily verify loss percentages and measure distances between selected points.

Step 1
Configure Parameters Pane

Configure the pipeline, service contract, base fuel pct and base rate pct in the Parameters pane

Step 2
Data Calculations

CalculateMilesBasedData function calculates the data for the highlighted data

Step 3
Loss & Rate Percentage Details

The calculated Loss and Rate Percentages, corresponding to the selected delivery and receipt points, will be automatically populated in the Details pane

Step 4
Import of Calculated Data

ExportToNGLoss and ExportToNGRate functionality automatically imports the calculated data into Losses and Rates Pane

Step 5
Net Calculations for Losses and Rates

Losses (Fuel%) and Rates (Fee) is calculated based on Miles for each path

Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Precision

Our suggested solution offers several advantages:

Automation of Manual Tasks

By significantly reducing manual insertion and updates of Loss percentages per 100 miles, it enhances operational efficiency and saves time.

Specialized View

Introducing the 'Mileage Based Parameters' view tailored for Mileage-Based services ensures precise data handling within the Logistics Module.

Precise Data Handling

Convenient input of crucial data with meticulous calculation and population of Loss and Rate percentages is facilitated.

Automated Calculation

The 'CalculateMilesBasedData' function automates mileage determination between Delivery and Receipt points, maintaining data integrity.

Streamlined Data Export

'ExportToNGLoss' and 'ExportToNGRate' functions automate transfer of calculated percentages into the Natural Gas Service view, ensuring up-to-date data.

User-Friendly Verification

Integration of Delivery and Receipt points in the Index sidebar enhances user-friendliness for validation and distance measurement.

Leveraging Allegro's Capabilities for Streamlining Mid-Office Operations

Our solution harnesses Allegro’s built-in capacity to compute losses and rates based on mileage between pipeline points. Through a single specialized view, we’ve introduced three key functionalities that greatly streamline mid-office operations, automating the insertion, calculation, and validation of losses and rates within Allegro. This innovative approach not only boosts efficiency but also minimizes errors, guaranteeing data precision and integrity. It is the fusion of streamlined automation with the utilization of Allegro’s existing capabilities that distinguishes our solution from others, marking it as a standout choice for optimizing natural gas scheduling processes.

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