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Liquids Module Changes in Allegro Horizon

Key Enhancements to Liquids Module UI in Allegro Horizon

This blog summarizes the enhancements made to the user interface of Allegro Horizon’s crude, NGL’s and refined products functionality and help users understand the various benefits of moving to the .NET core version, where in the logistics data gets valued in Valuation and Net Valuation that enhances performance significantly ensuring more consistent results.

The Logistics UI has been powered by various subsets of UIs to get information 

Since the UI has been equipped with various parameters, users have easy access to the information like:

Benefits that a Allegro Horizon Upgrade can deliver

Improved locational hierarchy enabling users to track Locations, Sub-Locations, and Tanks in a hierarchical manner. Users can also set up to mirror the physical and logical organization of customer assets, delivery locations, and receipt locations.

More efficient and user-friendly scheduling around pipelines and in handling high-volume truck operations.

Realtime Position and P&L Reporting with automated line/transit loss and gain recognition helping users avoid manual errors.

Manage multiple inventory types within a tank with the ability to assign tank types like Lease, Storage, and Blending.

Better Exposure Reporting with an improved ability for users to execute aggregate hedging across high-volume liquid operations with complex pricing.

Enhanced net valuations for individual tanks without having the tank set up as its own location allowing a better understanding of inventory costs and value across time periods.

Separation of Tank/pile capacity, volume, and inventory tracking specifying tank capacity, liquid volume, and what portion of liquid volume has to be tracked and valued as inventory enabling users to deal with market disruptions.

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