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5 Reasons for Choosing Run Smart™ CTRM Managed Services

#2 How To Proactively Overcome Reporting Integration Failure for CTRM Platforms

After discussing solutions to failed end-of-day CTRM reporting in our last post Value Creed’s series, 5 Reasons for Choose Run Smart CTRM Managed Services, continues by showing how critical it is to quickly rectify problems with overnight reports.

Value Creed’s Run Smart CTRM Managed Services runs in conjunction with your reporting system to ensure your pricing, credit, risk, and other reports are complete and accurate so have the most complete information for basing your positioning decisions. Your business day typically starts with a review of your firm’s prior day activities. Your trading platform runs several reports overnight — valuation, value at risk, credit, physical balance, etc. — in the format you need and commodity managers can use. You ensure all the transactions you expected to move, did in fact, value and finalize, and that no anomalies occurred.

It’s all routine. Except when it isn’t.

What happens if the report log does not include the most recently scheduled report? What if it ran but generated errors or unexpected results? 

Unfortunately, this occurs all too frequently. Some energy traders rely on legacy systems and outdated technologies that may not be as reliable as the market demands.

Consequences of Failed Reporting Integration

How Run Smart™ Managed Services Proactively Resolves Reporting Integration Challenges

Value Creed’s Run Smart™ CTRM managed service works alongside your reporting platform to validate your internal data with that from exchange, pricing, and other source systems. Run Smart™ delivers value by ensuring pricing, positions, credit, risk, and regulatory reports are accurate and current. This helps our clients identify potential risks and spot opportunities for profitable transactions. Fully customizable and compatible with internal workflows, processes, trading platforms, and technologies, Value Creed’s solutions give energy traders the power to locate, extract, extrapolate, and analyze position and market variables in order to plot data-informed strategies.

By automating report integration, Run Smart™ streamlines workflows so management resources can be used more efficiently. Run Smart™ is the product of Value Creed’s  sophisticated CTRM managed service platform infrastructure and our team’s expertise borne of decades of industry experience.


Engaging a Capable Partner Ensures Peace of Mind

A cost-efficient way to expand your CTRM platform and resources, partnering with Value Creed provides your team with on-demand support.  Harnessing the cloud’s agility and reliability makes the Run Smart™ product perfect for businesses. It is readily scalable, so it can grow along with your operation. Troubleshooting and reconciling report integration disruptions is one of the most important benefits Run Smart™ delivers. The service includes ready access to experts and CTRM guides who provide personal attention to keep your system running smoothly.

Engage with Value Creed and we can show you how you can minimize report integration malfunctions and resolve them quickly when they do happen.

Value Creed's Run Smart Managed Services Start at $3,500 a month

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