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Unlocking Possibilities : Embrace the Latest Offerings in Endur Version 23

Empower your Energy Trading by upgrading to the latest Endur version

In today’s fast-paced CTRM industry, agility is key to staying competitive in the face of evolving market conditions. While upgrades may present their own set of challenges, investing in the upgrade to Endur V23 can unlock a multitude of advantages for commodity trading and risk management firms. These include enhanced performance and scalability, advanced reporting capabilities, strengthened risk management features, seamless system integration, and an elevated user experience.

Drive Efficiency and Insight with Endur’s Business Advancements

Endur v23 brings the highly robust native interface EDI, resulting in a substantial 70% reduction in operational errors due to its adherence to standardized data formats for efficient data exchange with pipelines. This significant improvement is attributed to the automation of processes facilitated by EDI.
The acknowledgments are an additional feature of V23 that play a crucial role in Endur as they provide valuable information regarding the successful transmission and receipt of data. By receiving these acknowledgements, Endur can ensure data integrity and accuracy, enabling real-time updates and facilitating effective decision-making.
Endur now enables the trading of Hydrogen Liquid commodities similar to LNG with the new functionality for

Endur v23 offers the advantage of modeling and scheduling a new commodity, Hydrogen Gas, providing expanded opportunities for trading and management within the system. ‘Global hydrogen trade to meet the 1.5°C climate goal’ playing a significant role in future hydrogen trading activity. As renewable costs decline and technology advances, one-quarter of global green hydrogen demand could be met with trading activity through pipeline and ship trade. 
Traders using version 23 are experiencing significant benefits, as it offers an enhanced decision support model. This includes the availability of a Daily PnL chart at the deal and nomination level, enabling them to identify the optimal movement date for delivering an unscheduled parcel. This feature assists traders in choosing the most effective pathing route and tenor across different modes of transport & movement dates to lower the market risk and the transaction costs associated with service providers.
The new feature allows users to input a percentage value for forecasting on the deal leg in Endur, specifically for LNG/gas. Rather than entering daily forecasts, users can enter a single percentage representing the forecasted amount for a specific period. This reduces the need for repetitive manual data entry, making it more efficient and convenient for users working with LNG/gas commodities.
Version 23 offers additional APM filters and pivots such as for Strategy Info. This enhancement allows for a more detailed analysis of results in real-time on the APM pages. Traders and the risk team can now access even more granular level real-time data, enabling traders to configure better APM visualizations on strategy-level position management scenarios such as inter-strategy parcel management, position sweeping, and back-to-back passback exposure.
Adding to it, an even more detailed selection for PnL calculations is now available with the ability to choose Reval type in APM service, thereby enhancing the ability of the APM module to incorporate simulation results calculations having a dependency on prior reval type such as PnL movements, Day-on-Day MtM, prior accrued interest, etc.
To enhance the user experience, significant improvements have been implemented in the Volume Reconciliation screen streamlining the reconciliation process and providing real-time insights. Users can now access volume changes directly on the screen, allowing them to view the data even before the deal is processed.
As part of the new Correction Payment functionality, complex Power purchase agreements can now be modeled more effectively. This includes the ability to generate multiple invoices at predefined dates within a given payment period, offering greater flexibility and accuracy in correcting true-up payments and adjusting to changes in market data, volumetrics, discount rates, and other factors impacting payments.

Cutting-Edge Technological Advancements for Enhanced Trading and Risk Management

Streamlined Connex Standard Gateways

Version 23 showcases enhanced efficiency when it comes to Out-of-the-box integration for Connex Standard Gateways, and automated confirmation matching for power and natural gas trades via integration to Fidectus for EFET ECMS specification. Streamlining the confirmation process minimizes errors and enhances trade settlement capabilities.

Enhanced Connex Lite

V23 has enhanced Connex Lite by improving SFTP functionality and the integration of a REST Client bridge, ensuring smooth data transfer and improved connectivity. This update offers broader coverage for various market participants, including Swap Data Repositories and modern data providers using REST. Additionally, the implementation of a decoupled architecture within Endur results in improved time to market.

Real-Time Risk Management and Analytics

Real-time streaming of risk & exposure management coupled with cutting-edge engineering stacks such as stream processing for apps built on Kafka, the centre platform for streaming data – unlocking a variety of use cases such as custom dashboards, real-time trade analytics, shorter feedback cycle between Pre-trade analytics and ETRM, Data-as-a-service use-cases for Endur.

Seamless Integrations

The new version has been designed to integrate more seamlessly with other systems, and other trading and risk management platforms. This makes it easier for firms to integrate Endur into their existing technology infrastructure, ensuring ability to experiment, ease in deployment and faster time to market. 

Improved User Experience

An under-rated feature but equally important, more background colors are now available to distinguish between different Endur environments that helps users with color blindness and the aligns to the UX world moving more into dark themes across platforms.

Maximize Efficiency and ROI: Harness the Power of Value Creed's Upgrade Expertise

Endur V23 presents a diverse array of fresh functionalities and improvements, positioning it as an appealing choice for companies seeking to enhance their capabilities in commodity trading and risk management. Leveraging Value Creed’s extensive expertise in Endur upgrades, businesses can attain agile practices in their CTRM platform upgrades, ultimately optimizing system value and boosting efficiency levels.

Seamless Upgrades, Unparalleled Results: Partner with Value Creed for Business Success

With a deep understanding of system enhancements and best practices, Value Creed empowers businesses to maximize their investment and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. By leveraging our expertise, CTRM companies can unlock the full potential of upgraded systems, gaining access to new features, improved performance, enhanced security, and optimized workflows.

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