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Why Upgrade Your Endur Version?

Empower your Energy Trading by upgrading to the latest Endur version

Companies perceive an Endur upgrade as a compelling opportunity to consolidate numerous fragmented systems, spreadsheets, and customized solutions into their existing Endur platform. The objective is to minimize the IT footprint and extend the time until the next upgrade requirement. Endur upgrades are particularly relevant in business scenarios such as mergers and acquisitions, market expansions, and the inclusion of new asset classes.

Many companies have contractual obligations to transition to a newer version of Endur once the GA period of their current version has ended. Failure to comply with these contractual terms may result in the imposition of maintenance fees or penalties. The usual tenor is two years maintenance window from OLF.

Adherence to IT governance and cybersecurity best practices compels numerous clients to prioritize the regular upgrading of their mission-critical software, including Endur, to the latest versions. This proactive approach helps mitigate the risk of potential exploits, vulnerabilities, and outdated loopholes, ensuring a robust and secure system environment.

Within commodity markets, significant advancements are observed across various classes, including advanced analytics, rapid time to market, regulatory technologies, increased trading volume, and enhanced integration capabilities. These advancements necessitate that companies stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology stacks, which are typically delivered through upgraded versions of Endur. By embracing these upgraded versions, clients can leverage the latest features and functionalities, ensuring they remain competitive and aligned with industry trends.

Upon evaluating their system architecture, clients often discover the presence of non-compliant, out-of-support, or vulnerable components. Addressing the need to upgrade these components subsequently triggers a knock-on demand, prompting a demand to upgrade the Endur platform itself in order to leverage the enhanced capabilities of these upgraded components.

While upgrading Endur may initially seem costly, the reality is that older versions of Endur tend to have more issues, resulting in higher costs. The expenses associated with business disruptions caused by an unstable Endur can rapidly escalate. Investing in an Endur upgrade can effectively mitigate these costs and minimize the potential disruptions to the business.

Upon revisiting past events, it becomes apparent how a CVE 10 score vulnerability on Log4J (CVE-2021-44228) can wreak havoc, causing disruptions and necessitating IT teams to seek alternative solutions for critical JAR dependencies in Endur. Such technological risks, coupled with associated business risks like data theft, fraud, and exposure of trading strategies, can be effectively mitigated by opting for an Endur upgrade. By choosing to upgrade, organizations can proactively address these risks and safeguard their systems and sensitive information.

Experience the Enhanced Capabilities of Endur Upgrade

Better decisions towards Buy-vs-Build Conundrum

Since the release of Endur v14, there has been a significant surge in the introduction of new features and functionalities. Notable enhancements include advancements in APM packages, intraday aggregation modules, and DMS. Previously, these aspects necessitated customization efforts, leading to increased complexity in the Endur solution landscape. However, now clients have the option to migrate these areas to out-of-the-box features, effectively reducing complexity and aligning with the native capabilities of the product.

Upgrade of Existing Modules and Features

Enhancements in various modules and features offer superior software architectures and future-proofing capabilities. Examples include enhanced deal toolsets, scheduling and logistics integration, real-time reporting enhancements, 5-minute granularity in PWR, Park and Loan Toolset, Liquefaction Facility modeling instruments, LNG value chain enhancements, and new option valuation models.

Take Advantage of Cloud

Running Endur on your own cloud infrastructure can greatly alleviate concerns about shared tenants and data egress. Embracing cloud solutions facilitates a smooth transition to other use cases by leveraging additional cloud services within the same tenant or subscription. For instance, you can leverage the streaming risk modules in Endur to stream real-time PnL data to an MSK cluster in AWS, and further analyze it using the Kinesis Analytics engine to gain valuable insights.

Security, Stability & Scalability

Newer versions of Endur have made significant improvements in security privileges, groups, roles, AD authentication, and infrastructure stability. For example, Webservices underwent an upgrade of Tomcat server 8.5, enhanced document locking based on security, additional privileges for imbalance processing with cashout price of zero etc. This is just a glimpse of the extensive list of enhancements that provide enhanced security, stability, and scalability across various modules.

Reducing the Cost Footprint

Upgrading to a newer version of Endur brings about a reduction in both direct and indirect expenses, encompassing licensing, support, and technical debt. Achieving a balance between agile software delivery through smaller iterations and cost management roadmaps is crucial in order to effectively control the overall costs associated with an upgrade.

Endur upgrades can follow different methodologies

In the Endur Landscape, the following are the upgrade methodologies that are prevalent :

Homogenous Upgrade (like-to-like)

Heterogenous Upgrade – See differences in landscape and software compatibility matrixes but needs more testing efforts

Upgrade with Reimplementation – Focuses on reimplementation of epics and features

Value Creed’s expertise in Endur upgrades helps you assess over 30+ parameters and planning questionnaire which can help you land in the right upgrade methodology.

Value Creed Advises to take into consideration the following questions:

Homogenous Upgrade Heterogenous Upgrade Upgrade with Reimplementation
Do we need new features in newer versions? Yes
Can we live with module level upgrade capabilities? Yes Maybe
Do we see breaking changes between two versions and does this affect us? Maybe Yes
Is this just an upgrade of Binaries? Yes
Is this upgrade involving a DB version move? Yes Maybe
Do we see changes to the software support matrix? Yes Maybe
Do we foresee changes in the licensing terms? Maybe Yes Maybe
Do we need the same features implemented in both versions be parallel in run for a period of time? Maybe Yes
Is your future state vision for commodity trading significantly different from your current operations? Yes

Our recommendations on key principles for achieving a successful Endur upgrade

How Can Value Creed Assist You on Your Endur Upgrade Journey?

Upgrade with On-time & On-budget Obligations

We provide upfront cost estimates for upgrades, keeping in mind the project scope. This assists clients in mitigating concerns related to cost overruns, resource planning, and timeline risks.

Help You Land Right License Costs

We review different user-type and module-level licenses to help you gain clarity on licensing costs and their business justifications. This review process helps optimize overall operating expenses.

Help Expedite Data Migration, Setup & User Training

We bring standard checklist template of data objects and data setups along with associated training materials to all our upgrade projects. This helps get a jump start on upgrade journey instead of spending time discovering.

Support Your Endur After Upgrade

We manage and deliver backlog items descoped during upgrade alongside a strong operational landscape without cutting corners on good architecture and design principles used in the upgrade project.

Integration Management during Endur Upgrade

Extensibility framework in Endur has several choices with a number of moving parts. We securely fasten all the moving parts alongside your integrations during an Endur upgrade.

Customize and Configure Endur

We help you configure and customize your Endur modules including configuration migrations, forward compatibility, transaction/relational/reporting data migrations, code migrations, handling of deprecated APIs and build dependency migrations.

Harness Cutting-Edge Technology with Endur Upgrade

Harness the latest advancements in Endur technology with Value Creed’s deep knowledge and expertise, to streamline your trading operations and stay ahead in the commodity market. Our team will guide you through a smooth transition, ensuring a seamless upgrade process and maximizing the benefits of this powerful and complex platform. 

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