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The New Model For CTRM Platform Support

CTRM Expertise 24/7/365, Worldwide

Make Your CTRM Support Your Differentiator​

Meet Run Smart™

Run Smart™ is our revolutionary expert-driven managed services support model exclusively crafted for CTRM customers of all sizes, worldwide, to rapidly move to the cloud and engage with experts to achieve their business goals. Built for the run / operate phase of CTRM maturity, our team leverages time-earned energy and agriculture industry acumen, complemented by unparalleled technical experience to help you manage, extend and optimize your CTRM solution. Now that’s smart.

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CTRM Expertise Beyond The Status Quo

CTRM Know-How, Found Only In a Few

To do it right, a CTRM solution requires multi-disciplinary experts dedicated to optimizing the platform’s management of risk, credit, trading, logistics and accounting. What’s more, these professionals must be capable of fine-tuning the platform to suit your organization’s demands. But with time-sensitive, business-critical decisions at stake, you need insight, talent and manpower on-demand.

The last thing you want to do is wait. We're here to make sure you never have to.

Managed Services

Our innovative CTRM Managed Services model connects you with always-available professionals who have built and managed countless CTRM instances worldwide. Read more..

Application Support Outsourcing

Application Support Outsourcing is part of Value Creed’s Run Smart model for CTRM optimization and round-the-clock support. Thanks to our deep CTRM and Cloud expertise, you can outsource testing, upgrades, integrations, extensions, customizations, and more without the costs of hiring full-time staff. Read more..

Cloud Infrastructure & Monitoring

We bring complex CTRM solutions to the Cloud so you can take advantage of greater speed, flexibility, security, and more. Our experts combine deep cloud knowledge and unmatched CTRM architectural experience to exploit the Cloud for your benefit. Read more..

Expertise on Demand

Our dedication to CTRM technology and our knowledge of the way businesses use CTRM functionality to run their operations is delivered on-demand so that you get just the services you need, when you need them. Read more..

Run Smart™ With Leading Edge Thinking

Making the move to Run Smart™ takes courage. Now you can rely on the intellectual capital of industry-proven CTRM professionals.

Priyankar Datta


Strategist combined with technologist – Priyankar leads the worldwide team of CTRM, Cloud, application management and functional professionals.  With over a decade-and-a-half of technology solution development experience, and almost half of those years spent solving a wide variety of the industries’ hardest CTRM challenges, Priyankar is one of the world’s foremost CTRM platform experts. 

Raja Kanthadai

Vice President, Managed Services

Visionary and experienced leader in the CTRM space, Raja is responsible for leading the exponential growth of Value Creed’s unique Run Smart™ managed service model supporting corporations using the CTRM platform worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. His focus is on evangelizing and developing technological enhancements and automations to drive adoption while seamlessly aligning Value Creed’s managed services with in-house resources to deliver high business value programs. 

Mr. Kanthadai holds a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from Texas A&M, and is a certified Energy Risk Professional (ERP).

Nitesh Raj

Managing Director – India

Nitesh is a motivated business leader with over 13 years of progressive experience in IT consulting and operations management. With deep understanding of how to streamline business operations and engage employees in order to reach company objectives and increase profits, he is an expert at analyzing team strengths and leveraging individual assets to reach business goals efficiently. He has worked with several MNCs and has been instrumental in growing their offshore practices in India while also leading service delivery teams working on latest tools & technologies.

Mark Hill


Vision and strategic direction are the focus for Mark as he combines his deep understand of the CTRM community with Value Creed’s mission to drive forward a new model for CTRM run operate support, application outsourcing and on-demand expertise.  His efforts incorporate evolutionary service models by leveraging  cloud technologies, the “gig-economy,” and deep industry and product knowledge  to improve the experience, satisfaction and effectiveness of this complex yet critical application. 

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