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Diversified Energy Company Successfully Upgrades CTRM in Three Months with Value Creed’s Testing Services and Expertise On Demand

A diversified energy company based in New York needed to upgrade its CTRM, but had no experience with major technical software upgrades in the past to help streamline processes or enable faster system performance.

After encountering barriers and challenges during the process, they turned to Value Creed for technical support of the CTRM system upgrade. Value Creed delivered the fully functional upgrade within three months.

Key Results

Full Regression Testing

Complete run-through performed before business user testing

Only 3 Months

Successful CTRM upgrade with fully functional go-live testing

150 Class Events

Performed remediation of all class events in upgrade platform>

CTRM Upgrade Challenges

Traders and risk managers in the commodity industry have relied on traditional software, mostly spreadsheets to help them run their operations. As the dynamics of the market change, oftentimes this method no longer meets the needs of the organization. The company wanted to improve its efficiency in managing a commodity business by providing a single CTRM system for the front, middle and back-office employees to monitor and complete their work. With the loss of a key developer and limited support of its outdated CTRM, the company ran into one hurdle after another. It could not reduce long-term infrastructure and support costs while having high data security risks. In addition, it was not feasible to train another resource due to the complexities of the software. As a result, the CTRM upgrade was repeatedly delayed.  When the company was quarantined during the COVID 19 pandemic, they saw an opportunity to complete their CTRM upgrade within three months, as long as they had the right partner. 

They turned to Value Creed with these expectations:

They turned to Value Creed with these expectations

  • Control resource costs while helping with the upgrade 
  • Full vendor support of their CTRM system  
  • Quickly resolve all technical issues
  • Test solutions to ensure functionality has not regressed

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Run Smart™ Expertise on Demand

An experienced team and sophisticated technology combine to deliver feature-rich functionality and operability. You pay only for the services you need when you need them.

CTRM Upgrades & Enhancements

Customer-first service to bring your upgrades online quickly and seamlessly, with minimal disruption of your workflow. Dedication that outperforms vendors.

CTRM Upgrade Success

Value Creed brought in the expertise to extend the company’s IT resources and complete the CTRM upgrade executing across three key phases:

CTRM Upgrade Success

Value Creed brought in the expertise to extend the company’s IT resources and complete the CTRM upgrade executing across three key phases:

Phase 1
Development to remediate broken functionality

Overnight monitoring of all your vital CTRM services, with error handling and resolutions ready by the time your in-house team starts their day.

Phase 2
QA testing
across functional areas

On-demand services during your team’s working hours, from user support, custom workflows, technical upgrades, and more.

Phase 3
Going live and optimizing the functionality

Bring your CTRM onto the cloud for 24/7 server monitoring and daily database backup, unlocking new insights at scale.

Value Creed’s CTRM Testing Services and Expertise On Demand Solutions

Through Value Creed’s development, QA process, and testing efforts, technical issues were quickly resolved, achieving:

Full regression test
run-through to catch issues
before reaching the
business user.

Remediation of 150 class
events in the newly upgraded
CTRM platform with deep testing
to ensure the go-live target
was achieved.

Successful delivery
of the CTRM upgrades within
three months, with
fully functional. 

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