CTRM Settlement Reconciliation for Growing Businesses

Scale More Effectively with Business Process Outsourcing for Your CTRM Platform

Has the velocity and variety of commodities trades your company processes outpaced your ability to document and reconcile settlements? As your business scales, you need to devote more resources.  Even off-the-shelf tools for converting .pdf invoices, delivery reports, and other documents into tabular formats require manual steps that growing companies cannot spare the personnel to perform.  

Learn how Value Creed’s specialized settlement reconciliation services for industry-leading CTRM platforms can enable you to scale more efficiently.

Fast, Accurate Trade Matching and Documentation

Our Application and Industry Expertise Extends Your IT Capabilities

Many growth-stage companies find that Value Creed’s CTRM Settlement Reconciliation solution gives them the additional capacity they need during this hectic period.

4 Value of Business Process Outsourcing for Settlement Reconciliation


Allocate resources for expansion, not administration



Human understanding combined with robust data analysis


Eliminate manual overrides and workarounds


Collate, collect, and store data in formats your apps can use

“Our sophisticated parsing software automates much of the tedious data formatting and extraction required, and our experienced team members develop and apply functionality that conforms and integrate with your applications.”

Services Tailored to Your Goals


To make the most efficient use of your budget, Value Creed consults with supervisors and end-users to determine your most pressing settlement and reconciliation needs using this process. This ensures BPO opportunities are identified and aligned with your business goals.  

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