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While joining a company is an opportunity to experience the world of work, as exciting as it is, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed with information in the first few weeks as for most of us it is the first exposure to the world of work we are going to experience.. It’s unlikely that everything you have been learning is expected to be immediately put into work, introducing yourself to the new colleagues and settling into the new role may seem intimidating. 

At Value Creed, we encourage our employees to not look at these as challenges but treat them as opportunities. We believe that any challenge becomes an opportunity when you start questioning “Why not”?

Our Experience at UPES

Value Creed team recently visited the UPES School of Business to organize a guest talk on “ETRM from the Lens of Design Thinking” for the students of UPES School of Business and a special mention to Placement Corporate Cell SOB, UPES Student Council for helping in organizing an interactive session.

UPES School of Business, located at Bidholi, Dehradun, has a wonderful infrastructure equips students with pragmatic decision-making abilities and skills Through a carefully crafted curriculum, faculty of the highest academic expertise, and interactions with industry-leaders with a global perspective.


Key Highlights of the session

The students actively participated in the session and enthusiastically asked questions about ETRM in the Indian market, skills that students are required to start a career in the ETRM industry and the various growth prospects.

The students also shared their positive feedback on how the session was beneficial for them and how it helped them understand subjects like design thinking and technology, its use in providing digital solutions, companies’ different approaches to reach customer expectations and role of failure in corporate and personal life.

We saw students give much importance to work life experience during the presentation. At Value Creed, we look for such team members who are always eager to learn and grow as we believe that “Learning never stops”.

How We Maintain Work Life Balance at Value Creed

At Value Creed we add value by inspiring great performances as we encourage our employees to be leaders, growing, innovative and collaborative. Apart from the generous benefits, opportunities for development and corporate growth our employees rely on there are plethora of benefits when an employee joins Value Creed.

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