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Value Creed Oscars 2021

Frivolous Fun & Sincere Gratitude

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The Value Creed Oscars – our annual celebration of our incredible team’s 2021 successes – once again demonstrated the camaraderie, culture, and congenial atmosphere we enjoy in our Hyderabad office. The Oscars provide team leaders with the opportunity to express their thanks for everyone’s hard work and to reward their dedication.

More importantly, the ceremony encourages team members to let their hair down, put away their inhibitions, and participate in a variety of interactive activities that show off their hidden talents. True to the Oscars theme, colleagues acted out hilarious skits, intricate dance routines, and other Hollywood-worthy performances that kept the party going.

Crazy Crafty Skits & Hilarious Dance Performances

The party starts as every team member turns to the stage to experience the talents of their colleagues. It’s not a small task to delight this audience, so every Value Creed team member with the guts and the inspiration to make this moment count stepped out and stepped up to make this night memorable. Ranging from exciting dances, to silly skits, and even some surprises!

Party-Time Celebrations With Oscars Award Nominees

Our team members’ talents and vibrant culture shone through as everyone enjoyed the 2021 Value Creed Oscars. This annual award ceremony and fun showcase included a party atmosphere, lots of smiles and all around fun topped off with positive recognition of individuals who gave it their all throughout the year.

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