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YourStory, Recognizes Value Creed’s Standout Devotion to an “Employee First” Culture

Giving a New Definition to the “Employee Friendly” Workplace


Value Creed is proud to be recognized as the most “Employee Friendly Workplace” in the domain of the commodity trading and risk management technology sector. In a recent interview with Value Creed’s leadership,, India’s #1 Entrepreneurial Publication, quickly discovered the hyper-growth consulting firm’s key to success has been its dedication to cultivating a distinguished employee-first approach to corporate culture.

Value Creed’s Commitment to“Employee Friendly” Workplace The New Normal

Learn why working at this growing player in the CTRM, ETRM solutions space is a great move for your career.

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What Makes Value Creed’s Journey to Explosive Growth Founded on Employee Appreciation

Many employers claim to have a heart for their employees, but Value Creed is different, it lives this value daily in unique ways only fitting to a sector outperformer.  “We truly spend time with every new hire to understand their motivations, cultivate a rewarding role, and continuously provide opportunities for growth,” noted Samridhi Soni, Value Creed’s onsite human resources specialist.  Another distinguishing factor is the company’s commitment to fun activities, recognition of achievement, and team building.  One example is the organization’s annual “Value Creed Emmy Awards” complete with red carpet photo ops.

We believe our value is found in our employees, and we strive to encourage every team member to challenge themselves and continuously grow and develop professionally while focusing on work-life balance in these changing times

Growth Comes - Teams Benefit

Exponential growth parallels the company’s path to success perfectly portrayed the journey of Value Creed and the idea behind its success. Of course, there are many successful organizations in the world. Still, there are only a few whose success makes a difference to their Employee’ careers, and they are proud to call themselves one of those organizations. 

Value Creed attracted substantial attention (and clientele) with its unitue dual-timezone managed services offerings named RunSmart™ – the first mover for this type of service in the commodity trading and risk management space.  What made this worldwide success a reality was the unparalleled commitment to treating every team member as a valuable contributor. This philosophy forever set Value Creed apart from the fray of its competitors. With the belief that investing in the team and allowing them to outperform themselves is the biggest asset any team can have,case in point is its “Employee First policy.”

Value Creed defines an ideal workplace where our people feel valued, trusted, and engaged. We create a positive environment and always encourage new ideas to be brought to the table. The Rewards & Recognition programs and the fun-loving culture keep the employees’ spirit and positivity alive and make them feel that they are a part of something larger than themselves.

Employee First Is Real - Here’s Why

Value Creed’s Employee First policy aims to disrupt stereotypes of the typical workplace and ensure that employees are provided with the platform to utilize their talents and explore new opportunities. Apart from the Human Resources team, the leadership team follows the growth trajectory of its employees closely, helping them where they can. Their involvement in recruiting new talent helps them find the right people, empower them, and then tap into their potential to bring out the best in them.

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