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Value Creed’s Adapt2 Integration Slashes Utility’s ISO Transaction Reconciliation Time

CTRM Upgrade - And So Much More

A Northeastern utility was reconciling ISO settlements and qualified facility (mainly hydroelectric) generator volume and fee data manually, using fragmented data sources. The company needed a more efficient CTRM solution and one that would work with the robust data it would be receiving through its concurrent Adapt2 implementation.

Key Results


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meaningful projects

Significant Reduction

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power settlement

Elegant CTRM Code

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Adapt2 power volume


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Value Creed’s Multi-Component Upgrade

Adapt2 Integration and Interface

  • We built interfaces to ensure full and accurate data retrieval from Adapt2 to the client’s new CTRM platform.
  • Value Creed automated the client’s reconciliation of statements from its ISO by leveraging Adapt2’s Shadow Settlement module.
  • Our testing and coordination of the upgraded CTRM software created a unified system of applications operating under an efficient, accurate, universally supported interface.

CTRM Upgrade to the Cloud and Database Migration

  • Value Creed Migrated the client’s database from Oracle to SQL to allow for more data and computing power at lower cost.
  • Upgrading the CTRM platform included aligning the rewritten interface between Adapt2 and the CTRM platform. All delivered on schedule and budget, with a trouble-free go-live.
  • Transitioning the client to the cloud included an interim phase for ISO power data using legacy data retrieval via a VC designed/ tested/ implemented interface, and later a seamless handoff when Adapt2 came online.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

CTRM Upgrades
Whether you’re implementing a light upgrade, with Value Creed providing technical support and guidance to internal teams, or a full upgrade where our experts handle everything, these three key values are crucial to keep front of mind.
ISO Solutions
Value Creed’s deep CTRM expertise in multiple platforms ensures utilities and those dealing with other commodities are able to integrate data coming from ISO Software or other applications directly into their platform.

Data is Only Part of the Solution

How CTRM organizations access, control, and work with the data they generate and receive makes all the difference. Value Creed’s CTRM managed services mobilize data to power business insights and drive critical decisions. For this project, we gave our client the means to leverage Adapt2’s data engine to automate small-volume generator supply purchases and parse them through thousands of contracted ISO transactions. This complex project is just one example of how Value Creed’s experts thoroughly accomplish multiple related projects, elevating client performance immediately and with minimal workflow disruption.

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