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Value Creed Receives ISO9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management Systems

ISO Certified for Quality Service and Customer Service

Value Creed’s uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction and adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements has been recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO 9001:2015 certification – the current standard for quality management systems – demonstrates Value Creed’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in its operations and business practices:

ISO 9001:2015 and CTRM

ISO is a worldwide federation of national standards agencies that provides frameworks organizations can use to ensure effective, productive, value-added processes. Value Creed’s unwavering customer focus, engaged leadership, process-driven business practices, flat organizational structure automates and integrates commodity management software tasks, empowering clients with elegant, customized solutions that attain maximum value from trading and risk management platforms.

Value Creed’s Journey To Certification

Value Creed sought ISO 9001 certification to establish consistency and transparency in our work. Company executives and team members have always perceived ISO certification as an opportunity to take a critical holistic look at its business practices and to instill a standard of excellence in all of its core services. As in every project Value Creed undertakes, the certification process followed a precise roadmap:

Step 1: Gap Analysis

The first step was to assess the organizational environment and compare the existing systems and procedures against the best practices defined by ISO. All Value Creed departments bought into the effort and assisted in defining the project scope:

Step 2: Departmental and Managerial Auditing

Seeking to expose process challenges and opportunities for improvement, Value Creed’s next task was to perform internal and external audits of its workflow and performance control systems:

Armed with a comparison of existing practices to ISO ideals, Value Creed re-evaluated activities at every level and brainstormed ways to codify ISO best practices.

Step 3: Implementation

Systematically adjusting protocols based on audit checklists, Value Creed has devised safeguards and redundancies to keep projects on track, communication flowing, and solutions progressing from conception to implementation. Once the changes were applied, a second audit confirmed significant improvements and revealed 100 percent compliance with the new business processes. 


Compliance and change management are tedious tasks for any organization, and it was no different for Value Creed. Though the road to ISO certification presented a long process-oriented journey, the company is convinced the framework has and will continue to deliver a powerful positive impact on its business and clients. Certification is another milestone in Value Creed’s maturity. Over the last five years, the firm has undergone a remarkable evolution. Thanks to best-in-class project delivery, ambitious service expansion, rigorous training, and a drive to innovate, Value Creed is well on its way to completing its quest to become the world’s leading CTRM systems services provider. 

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