Value Creed Celebrates – “Family Day – 2020”

Value Creed Celebrates - “Family Day - 2020”

Do you know how fun it is to be a part of the Value Creed Family? Well, here’s the inside scoop with a look at our Annual Family Day event, where all our teammates and their families gathered for a great day of fraternity, fellowship, and fanfare.

Family is always involved in all phases of our lives. We wanted to make our employees feel extra proud by acknowledging their hard work in front of their families. We strongly believe the spirit surrounding Family Day is to bring everyone in the company together with their loved ones for a relaxing day of games, food, prizes, dancing, awards, and a ton of entertainment. Family day provides an excellent opportunity for the kids and other family members to see what their loved ones do all day. Families are gratified to see that their parents, older siblings, and aunts and uncles are spending their working hours in a safe and healthy environment.

This event unifies employees’ families with the company and ensures a sense of belonging amongst colleagues as they celebrate this day as one big family. More than the employees, it is their family members who are the most excited about the event.

This year our Family Day was held at Novotel Convention Centre – Hyderabad with an “Oscars Night” theme. 

The Main Event

Our guests arrived looking like A-list celebrities in their flattering black outfits. The excitement for the event was evident on their faces as they put on their best red-carpet faces for the paparazzi.

The event started with an exclusive screening of “The VC Journey.” This blockbuster portrays how Value Creed evolved as a successful company with the help of its dedicated team members who have been a part of this journey since the beginning. We laughed; we cried; we can’t wait for the sequel!

Next up on the bill, a magician mesmerized the kids and the grown-ups with his sleight of hand and up-close prestidigitation! It was amusing to watch him perform his magic tricks on dumbstruck children who weren’t exactly sure what just happened!!


The operations team came up with various fun activities to ensure maximum participation by all age groups. The “Couple’s Fashion Show” was one of the most popular activities on the floor. All the couples looked terrific as they strutted their way down the catwalk.

Amongst many other activities, presentation of the “VC Oscars” was the main highlight of the event. With this annual recognition program, Value Creed demonstrates its appreciation of employees’ contributions and recognizes and awards their efforts for the entire year. There were multiple award categories across all departments to ensure everybody received their 15 minutes of fame for their hard work. There were four special categories to identify the top performances in the organization.

The families were proud, and it was a delight to watch them smiles and applause for their loved ones as they received their awards.

As the event came to an end, everybody said their goodbyes and were surprised to receive a beautiful gift hamper specially curated for them. We were thrilled to receive such a fantastic response from all the guests, and we are looking forward to many more future events!

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