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Trade Capture Automation For CTRM Platforms Using RPA

Trade Capture Automation For CTRM Platforms Using RPA

Capture Trades Automatically to Optimize Efficiency

While trade capture is a critical component of CTRM transaction management, it requires no particular skill or knowledge. So, traders’ time is spent documenting pricing, fees, and other trade details within the CTRM platform which is a low-value, error-prone and time-consuming task.

Why CTRM Trade Capture is Well Suited to RPA

Several attributes make trade capture a particularly good fit for robotic process automation (RPA). These include:

RPA can perform trade capture tasks more quickly than is humanly possible, making results available for reporting and decision-making on the fly. In addition, robots never make calculation or data-entry errors.

Current Trade Capture Processes

Without employing RPA the trade capture process requires traders to perform several manual activities and encompasses many moving parts. Any of these can cause breakdowns and bottlenecks, robbing commodities trading organizations of productivity:

Steps CTRM Trade Professionals Take to Capture Trade Data in CTRM Platforms

Watch This Video As Value Creed Explains How It Works

Value Creed’s CTRM experts explain how robotic process automation makes a multi-step manual process for trade entry into a more productive and efficient automated process.​
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Trade Capture with Power Automate

RPA streamlines the capture of both purchases and sales of physical liquid commodities by triggering their import from the spreadsheet into the corresponding fields in the CTRM platform. 

The bot not only enters the provided data but also validates any data missing from the spreadsheet. 

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