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Silicon India Awards Value Creed 2020 Great Place to Work

Leading Workplace in the CTRM MarketSpace

Value Creed is proud to have earned the top spot in Silicon India’s  “Great Place To Work—2020 In CTRM Providers.” As the first ETRM services provider capable of offering 24/7/365 service worldwide thanks to their unique dual time zone model, ValueCreed is dedicated to continuing its mission of improving time series forecasting methods on behalf of its valued oil and gas clients. 

Silicon India’s “Great Place to Work” Article & Award

Learn why working at this growing player in the CTRM, ETRM solutions space is a great move for your career.

Value Creed credits Silicon India listing to their new model of commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) ecosystem focused on upgrading, improving, and optimizing CTRM platforms from software selection through the run-operate phase. The firm focuses on supporting clients throughout their CTRM journey by providing six core areas of services – Dual timezone managed services, CTRM functional and technical expertise-on-demand, CTRM upgrades and testing services, new extensions and modifications, cloud configuration and management, and finally, business process outsourcing.

“We believe in providing unparalleled value to our clients,” said Value Creed Co-Founder and Managing Director Nitesh Raj. “We promise to deliver a set of managed services and solutions that improves ROI, improves user experience, and delivers more value to your organization.”

Since the company’s 2016 founding in the culturally-diverse city of Hyderabad, Value Creed has placed an emphasis on identifying employee strengths to boost their talent portfolio and create added value for clients. Mr. Raj has noted an increase in productivity and a <5% attrition rate among its highly-motivated workforce, thanks to the implementation of their Employee First Policy.

The solutions team works hard every day to deliver ETRM/CTRM expertise on-demand, platform upgrades and dual time-zone managed services worldwide.  The firm prides itself on maintaining a well-balanced workload and a holistic approach to meeting client demands with an engaged workforce. When it comes to CTRM software integration, Value Creed’s dedication to employee success and continuous feedback has led to their top-tier reputation among CTRM software solution providers.

And the company is just getting started. Recent CTRM software investments have been higher than any time in the past, driving Value Creed’s executive team to seek opportunities to  the best possible holistic approach to ETRM, CTRM, and the mission statements of oil and gas companies throughout the globe.

Making the right career move has a lot to do with choosing the right place to start and develop your professional journey.  Learn more about opportunities with Value Creed at the Careers page for current opportunities.  “Join a team focused on building the future of work with a heart for every employee’s development,” noted Nitesh Raj. Don’t miss this opportunity to make the right next step. 

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