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Performance Engineering in Endur

Ensure Consistent Delivery of High-Value Applications and Services

Endur is a complex and sophisticated system that requires a high degree of performance to function effectively. There is an increasing focus on architecture, design and implementation choices to enhance application performance, and adopt practices to help mitigate performance risks before development efforts progress to additional phases. Performance engineering is a critical aspect of ensuring the system operates efficiently and effectively.

Roadblocks Impacting your CTRM Performance

Business value prioritized on top of technical value combined with loose engineering standards can often lead to growing technical debt backlog.

Impact of neighboring process being run. For example, nomination updates being impacted due to invoicing activities.

End of Day failures pile-up and often lead to compounded issues (day-on-day SIMS etc.) leading to performance bottlenecks.

New changes introduced, often do not comply to overall SLAs & NFRs leading to overall depreciation in quality.

OLF recommends several good practices involving housekeeping of application, database & infrastructure. Often, these are missed.

Accrue the benefits of Full Maturity with Value Creed’s Performance Engineering Maturity Model (E-PEMM)

Value Creed’s performance maturity model provides a framework representing the different aspects of performance engineering practice and list of essential capabilities that companies using Endur should search for. This helps CTRM companies to benefit from an effective performance culture not only from a technological point of view but also for a business perspective, reducing the risk of major incidents but also increasing revenues and avoiding costs.

Endur - Performance Engineering Maturity Model (E-PEMM)

Leverage Value Creed’s Implementation Approach to Drive Value

Performance engineering is a critical aspect of ensuring that Endur operates efficiently and effectively. By applying performance engineering techniques organizations can identify performance bottlenecks and implement solutions to improve system performance. With proper performance engineering, Endur can handle high levels of traffic, provide accurate and timely trade capture, risk management, settlement, and accounting, and enable organizations to make informed trading decisions.

Performance Engineering Runway

Establish Scalable Foundation to Enable Long-Term Growth

With Value Creed’s Endur expertise optimize the performance and efficiency of your Endur system today. Enhance your system’s speed, scalability, responsiveness, and resource utilization to meet the demanding requirements of the trading environment. We ensure focus on identifying and addressing performance issues at various levels, including code, database, infrastructure, and system architecture. Finally, providing users with a responsive and scalable platform.

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