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Share your success story now with LearnSmart Learn By Example. Value Creed has always gone the extra mile to nurture high levels of employee engagement and worked on developing the best strategies and practices that keep us at the top of the employee engagement game.

 LearnSmart Learn By Example is the right platform for leaders of different industries and the youth to evolve as a community. This commitment to sharing and disseminating knowledge is a unique opportunity for leaders to share their success stories and challenges to ignite inspiration amongst youth and create new aspirations. 

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We welcome leaders from different industries to spread the wealth of knowledge and cultivate learning from diverse perspectives, driving a  transformational change and helping our employees find their own passion to steer their direction onto a positive outlook.


 Leaders can voice out their success stories, challenges, learnings, and open discussions broadening the horizons to make a meaningful change. Expressing an authentic point of view would provide Innovative Inspiration to stimulate creative thinking and boost overall morale.


We promote a culture of highly motivated individuals and help our employees establish a clear trajectory for identifying their goals that directly aligns with the organization’s objectives. We power the engine of practicable insights increasing a renewed sense of employee satisfaction.

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We envisage a corporate ecosystem that encompasses innovation and digital transformation. Through our program, we focus on providing our team with a truly unique and enriching experience engaging with people who represent as broad a range of professions and perspectives as possible.

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