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Learn How Value Creed Is Using Kibana to Relieve the Pain of Log Analysis for CTRMs

Simple, interactive interface and custom views facilitate decision-making

Kibana, Elasticsearch’s dedicated data visualization dashboard software, is specially equipped to help commodity trading
organizations view log summaries and other data simply and efficiently.
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Why Kibana?

Value Creed has created a video summarizing Kibana’s many advantages and benefits in the CTRM setting:

How Kibana Works for CTRM IT Teams

Kibana makes the most of the data organizations generate or stream from third-party sources. A data-collection engine retrieves the information and flows it to the Elasticsearch database. Kibana interfaces with the data storage component pulls the selected data, and displays the pertinent relationships:

Powerful KIBANA Benefits

Why CTRM Users Are Considering Kibana as a New Approach to Log Report Analysis

Value Creed services work seamlessly with Kibana to help commodities companies derive optimal strategies through the power of data reporting and analysis. to learn more about the power of Kibana and Value Creed’s CTRM products, contact us today.

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