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Importance of Extension Cataloging before an Implementation or an Upgrade

Rationale for Performing CTRM Extension Cataloging

Extension cataloging improves CTRM implementation practices throughout the upgrade process. Performed correctly, it is a worthwhile investment. 

Value Creed’s extensive cataloging ensures smooth implementation

Value Creed’s cataloging services retain critical components from the earlier CTRM software version and discards the non-essential ones and those that will be re-installed with the new version. We rigorously test and remediate flaws in application interfaces to ensure perfect data migration and satisfaction of business requirements. Cataloging defines functionalities, making analysis and upgrade more reliable.    

5 Ways Value Creed’s Extension Cataloging Service Adds Value to CTRM Upgrades/Enhancements

Provides overviews of complex extensions

Helps customers differentiate among similar functionalities

Filters irrelevant business process extensions

Visualizes collections for better remediation and testing

Locates similar or related items, even if they exist in separate classes

How Extension Cataloging Fits Into the CTRM Upgrade Process

Learn Key Lessons from Value Creed to Ensure CTRM Upgrade Success

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Rationale for Performing CTRM Extension Cataloging

As a part of the pre-upgrade process, each of the class events, message events, database views, and stored procedures are analyzed and categorized based on the functional areas and complexities.  Each component is evaluated to determine what is new, what is different, and what has changed.

Value Creed’s Step-by-Step Process

Identifying Purpose:

We determine each extension’s current use and application (integration, functionality, efficiency).

Identifying Business Task:

For better resource allocation, irrelevant extensions are excluded from the upgrade process.

Assessing CTRM Capability:

Custom events included as standard features in the upgraded CTRM version are discarded.

Identifying Functional Group:

Existing extension groups are categorized by business user: back, front, and middle office, administration, etc.

Sorting by Complexity:

Categorization is performed based on the estimated level of effort required to fix the extension.

CTRM Upgrade Successes

At Value Creed, we’ve seen the impact a successful CTRM upgrade can have on service commodity companies. See the results for yourself in the following case studies.

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