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Importance of CTRM Functional Testing during Cloud Migration

Importance of CTRM Functional Testing During Cloud Migration

At Value Creed, one of our core services is assisting our clients in migrating their CTRM infrastructure to scalable, flexible, and more cost-effective cloud environments. Cloud Migration offers significant advantages vs. on-premises owned and maintained servers:

That said, the cloud migration process requires planning, forethought, and significant regression testing to ensure continued seamless operations.

Comprehensive CTRM Functional Testing

Migrating traditionally on-premise applications like CTRMs is a major step to a modern technical architecture. We affirm this decision by performing a multi-faceted testing process for a successful migration. In our practice, we use the following testing phases:

Functional testing is done for quality evaluation of applications during and after conversion, to uncover defects, and to assess the production readiness of migrated applications. Functional testing helps to reduce the attendant risks after going live. 

Multiple Dimensions of Functional Testing for CTRM Cloud Migrations

Specific to a cloud implementation, the focus of functional testing includes several additional facets for consideration beyond the scope of typical extension/upgrade testing. These include the following:


Performance Testing

We evaluate performance and response time and check scalability factors including key processes such as EOD valuations, settlements, risk reports, and ERP interfaces.

Integration Testing

We check compatibility with third-party applications to ensure interface connectivity in the cloud.

Business Process Testing

We define desired results and correct calculations of key outputs such as P&L, exposures, and receivables/payables from trade to settle.

User Experience

Cloud migration functional testing improves operations efficiency and streamlines workflows to enhance user experience.

Security testing

Cloud migration enables CTRM platforms to make key data more available to the entire user base; complimented by our security testing.

Value Creed’s Cloud Testing Value

Value Creed’s CTRM Functional experts follow a well-integrated process by documenting end-to-end business test case scenarios. These business scenarios are designed to not only focus on the current migration  but also keep future business requirements in mind, planning for the future growth of the business.

We utilize best-in-class automated and manual test administration and reporting tools such as QMetry and Test Complete to ensure full visibility of test cases, bug identification and remediation, and reporting across your organization.

Value Creed’s CTRM experts have decades’ worth of successful go lives, with 100 percent test pass rates.  We assist in all areas of testing:

Functional Testing Results

Providing manual testing results

Professional Bug Tracking & Fix

Bug tracking and resolution

Documenting Scenarios

Documenting contract-to-cash scenarios according to business requirements

Writing Automated Testing Scripts

Creating and uploading test scripts to Qmetry

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